5 Reasons Why You Need Right Size Furniture Packaging

Any business that stores and transport goods knows getting the right size packaging is essential if they want to operate efficiently and effectively. After all, it keeps productivity levels high and running costs low.  This is especially true for furniture manufacturers and suppliers, who have the added complexity of storing and transporting a product that can be large, heavy and bulky.

Traditionally, manufacturers and suppliers have packed their furniture in plastic wrapping or boxes that are too big for what they have inside, filling the space around it with additional packing material such as bubble wrap.  Today, technology is allowing them to change the way they work, creating packaging through systems such as Box on Demand, that fits the packaging around the furniture itself.

On the surface, this change may seem small. However, if you’re a furniture manufacturer or supplier, there are significant benefits to be had by getting the right size furniture packaging.


  • Warehouse


No matter how lean a business runs, there’ll always be a product that needs storing.  The more efficiently you store your furniture, the less space you’ll need and the less money you’ll spend on warehousing.  When you use furniture packaging that isn’t the right size, it takes up more space than it needs to in your warehouse, costing you money.

Saving warehouse space will become increasingly important in coming years as the UK experiences a shortfall in available storage space, making the cost of warehousing per square foot increase. When you use furniture packaging designed to fit precisely to the size of your products, you save space, not only because the packaging itself is smaller but because you can store upwards as well as across a warehouse floor.


  • Health and Safety


While it’s impossible to avoid all work-based accidents, you can significantly reduce the risk by using furniture packaging that fits the furniture itself.  Doing so makes it easier to move using forklift trucks, for example, reducing the amount of heavy lifting your staff have to do and the chances of them hurting themselves in the process (almost 25% of all workplace injuries are due to handling, lifting or carrying).

It also makes stacking products easier, increasing their stability and reducing the likelihood of their falling off shelves or workers tripping over them because they couldn’t be stacked and have been left at ground level.


  • Transportation Costs


According to research published in 2018, over 30% of businesses worldwide say that they’re using packaging that’s at least 40% too big for the products inside, leading to an extra £35 billion in transportation costs a year.

The 40% extra, or empty, space is caused because businesses rely on standardised packaging which is designed to a certain size, rather than the size of the product it is shipping.

By changing this around, so your furniture packaging is designed to fit your product, you can significantly reduce – if not eliminate – the empty space. This, in turn, lowers transportation costs because you can get more product into each delivery vehicle, meaning fewer trips are needed to deliver your product.


  • Furniture Damage


In 2017, 40% of consumers reported that the goods they’d received were damaged in some way according to a report by retail association IMRG.

While figures aren’t available for the number of businesses that receive damaged goods from a supplier, it’s fair to assume that, as most damage happens during the shipping process, the figures are relatively similar.  Damaged goods can’t be sold, or need to be sold at a discount, meaning they are likely to be returned to you, leaving you to cover the costs or sell them on at a reduced price.

Using furniture packaging that is the right size reduces the likelihood of goods getting damaged because they are less likely to shift in transport as they are more securely packed within the delivery vehicle and there is less empty space for them to move around in.


  • Operational Efficiencies


For any business, saving time and money are key to a successful business.  Using the right size furniture packaging helps you do both by reducing:

  1. Warehousing costs
  2. Transportation costs
  3. Sick days due to work-related accidents.

By investing in technology such as Box on Demand, it enables you to create the exact amount of packing you need, when you need it, meaning nothing is spent on unnecessary supplies, and nothing goes to waste, which is good for the environment and your business.

How Is Right Size Reducing Packaging Spend?

Companies who need to package products for storing and shipping know how expensive it can be, and how important it is to manage their packaging spend to get the best returns on the goods they sell.  The packaging they use needs to be fit for purpose, allowing them to ship goods safely, and cost-effective.

Even knowing this, many companies still rely on traditional packaging methods which are neither cost-effective or fit for purpose.  They use boxes that aren’t strong enough or aren’t the right size for the products they are looking to store or transport, meaning they end up using excessive (and expensive) packaging materials – bubble wrap, for example – or find themselves shipping ‘empty space’, increasing their transport costs.

So, what should businesses do to alleviate these problems? The answer lies in good packaging.

How are brands reducing packaging spend?

While the answer to this question may vary slightly depending on the industry, in general, reducing packaging spend is done by using good packaging solutions. Packaging should be sized to fit the product, reducing storage requirements and minimising transport costs as a result.

It should be lightweight, making it easy to move, while, at the same time, being strong and sturdy enough to protect its contents.  And, it should be easy to assemble when you need it and breakdown when you don’t.


Many businesses believe that to keep their packaging spend low, they need to purchase boxes in bulk and that these boxes should be of standard sizes. However, this can lead to small items being packaged in boxes that are much too big, reducing or eliminating any potential savings through the use of additional packing material or the creation of empty space.

Empty space, which is created when packaging that’s too large for its content is used, can cost companies a lot of money, increasing their packaging spend significantly: recent research estimates empty space costs businesses around £35 billion a year (worldwide) and that up to 40% of most packaging is empty.

How Right Size Solutions reduces packaging spend

Right Size offers an alternative to the idea that standardised boxes are the best way for businesses to reduce packaging spend.  Created by Panotec and available in the UK through Ribble Packaging, Right Size allows companies to produce a single box or a batch of boxes to the exact size and shape of the products they’re shipping, reducing packaging spend.

It helps businesses manage their packaging spend by allowing them to produce boxes as and when they need them, meaning they no longer have to order supplies in advance, ‘guestimating’ how many of each size and type of box they need and potentially being left with excess – and unwanted – stock once their products have been shipped. Plus, because they no longer need to order large numbers of boxes in advance, businesses can cut their warehouse costs as less storage space is required for packaging.

By producing boxes that are the exact size needed for the products they contain, the amount of empty space is significantly reduced, if not done away with entirely.  This reduces the amount of space necessary to both store packages in a warehouse and to transport them as more can be fitted into each delivery vehicle which, in turn, reduces warehouse and transportation costs.  With boxes being made to the right size and eliminating empty space, companies can also reduce the costs of additional packaging materials such as bubble wrap and the cost of shipping the packages themselves (if they aren’t being delivered by van) because they will be smaller and lighter.

Added value

Not only does Right Size help businesses manage their packaging spend, but it also helps them keep operating costs low by:

  • Reducing the risk of products being damaged in transit because their boxes are the exact size needed.
  • Improving productivity by reducing turnaround times as staff no longer have to decide what box to use and then fill up the empty space with additional packaging.

Alongside the benefit of reducing the cost of packaging, there are environmental benefits to Right Size.  Less packaging means less raw materials are used in their manufacture and less waste is created through unwanted products being ordered.

This is in addition to a company’s reduced carbon footprint as there are fewer delivery vans on the road, meaning fewer fossil fuels are being used.  All of this matters to today’s consumer, who wants to see the companies they buy from not only offer excellent value for money but are environmentally responsible as well, meaning Right Size offers not only ways to reduce packaging spend but adds value to the consumer too.

5 Packaging Solutions For Your Products In 2019

Packaging products effectively has never been as important as it is today, with stores packed full of a vast range of products from every industry there is more competition than ever to stand out from the rest.

In order to be visible to your customers, as well as offering sustainable and responsible packaging, you need to think very carefully about your packaging solutions and how they are working for you. Your packaging solutions are often the first point of contact potential customers have with your brand and products. Therefore, it is vital to be creative and individual in order for them to choose you over your competitors.

Most customers will look for originality when it comes to packaging solutions and will be drawn to products that are different from the rest. In recent years, customers and brands alike have been focusing more on the materials used in packaging, and the process used to produce them. This is down to calls for packaging solutions to be more environmentally friendly and sustainable.

Customers don’t want to choose products that use excessive and unnecessary packaging solutions. Not only is this bad for the environment, but it is also an extra hassle for disposing of packaging once they get the products home. Businesses should constantly be reviewing and updating their packaging solutions to keep up with trends and stay on top of the game. These are our top five packaging solutions for your products in 2019:

Top Five Packaging Solutions For 2019

  • Mailing Boxes and Postal Sleeves

Online shopping is more popular now than ever, with more and more customers choosing to shop for all types of products on the internet as opposed to in a physical store. This means there is an increase in demand for packaging solutions that can easily be shipped and posted to customers’ homes.

If your business operates online, the chances are you need to ship products directly to customers.

Mailing boxes and postal sleeves are great packaging solutions for this, as they can be designed to safely transport products while also being compact enough to fit through letterboxes. Most postal sleeves and mailing boxes will come with a foam lining to protect products during shipping to minimise damage and avoid costly returns.

  • Corrugated Boxes

Corrugated board can be used to produce cost-efficient packaging solutions for all types of products. With a growing demand for companies to become more environmentally friendly, corrugated boxes are an excellent option for reducing your carbon footprint and minimising plastic use. The corrugated board has the ability to prevent moisture and protect products with additional cushioning. They are available in any size, shape and thickness, making them perfect for packaging solutions.

  • Paper Tape

As the world is focused on reducing the amount of waste plastic around, switching to paper tape from plastic tape can make a big difference to your packaging solutions. Paper tape has excellent bonding properties, meaning you only need to use one single layer to get a secure seal.

Unlike plastic packaging solutions, paper tape is made from sustainable and degradable materials that are also recyclable. Combining paper tape with corrugated boxes will give you fully recyclable packaging solutions, where there is no need to remove the tape before recycling.

  • Automated Packaging Solutions

Automated packaging solutions are a great way to create packaging for all different shapes and sizes depending on your individual requirements. Introducing automated packaging solutions offers an easy and straightforward production line for manufacturing.

Any business that has a warehouse for their stock can benefit from automated packaging solutions, particularly if they are running a 24-hour operation. Nearly any time where a product line can be assembled into a uniform size and shape, then automated packaging solutions make sense.

  • On Demand Packaging Solutions

For really versatile and innovative product packaging solutions in 2019, you should consider on-demand packaging. On-demand packaging solutions can package according to the size and shape of a specific product, so whatever product you place on the machine, it will wrap the item depending on its dimensions and weight.

On-demand packaging solutions are hugely beneficial as they save on time and labour costs, as well as saving space in shipping and transit. For warehouses this is a great packaging option as items can be packed when and where you want, saving on storage space and making logistics much easier.

Having packaging solutions that can work in real time can bring some huge benefits to any company, and on-demand packaging is expected to be the future of packaging.

Custom Box Making For Product Manufacturers Explained

When companies are tasked with getting their products directly from their production lines into the hands of their customers, it can be a struggle to find a way of not only effectively transporting the product but also presenting it in a memorable and outstanding style. Using custom boxes as a product manufacturer can deliver the branded impact that your customers will appreciate, remember and sometimes even share online.

Giving your products the right packaging and branding is vital in today’s modern world, where the majority of goods are bought online and delivered without the customer ever having stepped foot inside a store. Custom box making gives product manufacturers a unique edge and the chance to stand out from competitors.

What Are Custom Boxes?

Whatever your business is selling, the chances are your products needs packaging, either for shipping to online customers or for selling in stores. Traditionally boxes and packaging had to be purchased as standard sizes and shapes and used for all your products. This often resulted in small or awkwardly shaped products being packaged in large boxes with a lot of filler.

Custom boxes give you the ability to make product packaging in any shape and size, making it possible to create a box that perfectly fits your product.

Custom Boxes On Demand

For businesses looking to create beautiful and sustainable custom packaging, then an on-demand custom box-making machine could be the perfect option. These give you the ability to create custom boxes for every order which will not only cut down on costs but also give you the ability to create several custom packages to fit any product.

On-demand box-making machines can make just one box or batch produce hundreds, making them ideal for both one-off orders and large shipments. If your business produces various products of different shapes and sizes, then an on-demand box making solution can help to provide custom packaging to fit any product.

The process is simple and straightforward, a custom box making machine can be placed on the production floor or in a factory and is fed by a continuous concertina of folded cardboard. Your products can benefit from added protection as every box is a perfect size, reducing damage and issues during transportation and shipping. Transport costs can be significantly reduced by increasing vehicle utilisation and eliminating void space in your product’s packaging, resulting in more room on delivery vans for more stock.

better transport packaging

A Greener Solution

Custom box making is more sustainable than traditional methods in many ways, and often reduces a company’s overall costs. By creating custom sized boxes that perfectly fit your products, you will be dramatically reducing the amount of waste packaging your company creates. Not only will you reduce the amount of cardboard used to create the box itself, but also reduce the amount of filler needed to pack the boxes, which will help to cut down on the amount of plastic ending up in landfills.

It is possible to create custom boxes and on-demand packaging using 100% recyclable packaging.

By creating custom boxes that waste less space, you will be increasing your company’s transport utilisation. This means there are fewer vehicles on the road and an improved carbon footprint for your brand, as well as reduced transportation and fuel costs with fewer vans to run. Custom boxes not only save space on vans but also within factories and offices, eliminating the need for storing various sized boxes. By clearing up box clutter in your workspace, you can better utilise the space to store other materials or products.

Happy Customers

Today it is more important than ever to make sure your customers are satisfied and happy with your service and products, and that includes the packaging it arrives in. No one wants to receive a large box filled with plastic peanuts for a small product; customers want their products to arrive in a reasonably sized package. Reducing the amount of packaging cluttering your customer’s homes and bins will give them faith in your business and its dedication to the environment.

Every company wants their brand to give off the right messages and choosing a sustainable, environmentally friendly packaging solution can do exactly that. Custom box making for product manufacturers is an easy and simple process, especially with on-demand box making machines available to businesses of all sizes.

The process of creating the perfect sized boxes for your product range is hassle-free and convenient, and there is no need to be a packaging design expert to get started with custom box making. Whether you are an online retailer or large corporation with many shopfronts, custom box making can help to minimise costs, low your carbon footprint and build brand awareness effortlessly.

How Much Is Bad Packaging Design Costing Your Business?

If you haven’t thought much about your packaging design, then its poor quality is probably going to cost your business money. Of course, due to busy online and offline shopping shelves, there is a need to create a stand-out design that will mean your customer picks up your product instead of your competitions’.

However, bad packaging design is not just about avoid haphazard designs that are unpleasing to your customers’ eyes; this is also about creating sustainability for the environment and cost-effectiveness for your business. To simultaneously improve our business bank accounts and the world around us, we must start thinking ergonomically when we design our packaging.

The problem with excess packaging

Excess packaging will not only annoy your customers by taking up unnecessary space in their houses, offices and bins; it will also cost you money. It will cost you money because you are irritating and losing customers; paying for additional packing material; investing in extra storage space, and spending extra cash to transport all the extra weight that the packing adds to your products.

Moreover, carelessness when designing your packaging will shine through when your customers receive the products. By simply falling on those commonly used plastic packaging methods, and not even personalising them to your products, your customers will think you are trying to sell on the cheap. Even within the capitalist society in which we all live, don’t insult your customer – they are fully aware of cheap-skate companies. The short-term costs of investing in proper design will certainly save you bad reviews in the long run.

The environmental cost

In turn, bad packaging will also cost the environment. It will cost the planet because you are superfluously using the world’s limited resources; increasing pollution by requiring extra transportation for heavier products; and using up extra land to store the products. This is not sustainable, and your customers won’t appreciate your thoughtlessness for the world around them.

Today, there are growing numbers of environmental and sustainability movements, as well as more and more people opting for eco-friendly, vegan and vegetarian lifestyles than ever before. This alone should be enough to convince you that investing time in green packaging solutions is a worthwhile endeavour.

The alternatives to bad packaging

There are thousands of other options to traditional packing methods now. Instead of using plastic, you can buy on-demand corrugated cardboard boxes which are personalised to fit your product exactly. This not only cuts down on excess packaging, but its snug fit also looks just as professional as plastic alternatives.

If you simply can’t go without plastic packaging, there are now many sources of recyclable plastic packaging. This will be better than nothing. You could even leave a little note to your customers in product boxes which suggests a way for them to reuse the packet – this way, you’ll at least illustrate to your target market that you do care.

Moreover, if you are transporting a delicate product to a customer, there are now many alternatives to those environmentally-unfriendly packing peanuts.  From using nearly-weightless popcorn to using inflammable coconut husk and flexible, spongy peat moss. Alternatively, if you want your alternative to look similar to the usual packing peanuts, corn-starch packing peanuts are similar in size, shape and consistency and can be easily disposed of by dissolving them under running water.

Best fitting packaging

Common sense should tell you that customers prefer well-fitting packaging. Think of all those Apple products you’ve bought. They come in neatly packed boxes; the product is nested within holes fit exactly to the items size, and the box slides open with ease. You should aim for this, but if you do this with sustainable packaging methods, you will be on to a winner in this new generation of eco-warriors. Moreover, you already know your aim must always be to follow what your customers want if you want a profitable business.

So, if you are told you packaging is unsustainable, you should think that it is unsustainable in two senses. Firstly, it’s not feasible for your business to continue unsustainably, because your customers won’t like it and because you are using up extra money that you needn’t be. Secondly, its unsustainable for the environment that you love doing your business in.

Though you may be worried about the short-term costs of investing in alternatives, you can be assured that you will save, if not increase, your business bank account’s earnings if you switch to sustainable packaging. Spending just a short amount of time searching for eco-friendly alternatives and rethinking your packaging is the least you can do for the world, your customers and for your business.

Custom Product Packaging: Why Should You Invest In 2018

While standard packaging may seem quick, convenient and budget-friendly, custom product packaging could actually prove to be a vital investment for your business. With the increased demand for packaging in 2018 with the rise of e-commerce as well as the number of start-ups, many businesses have a limited budget, especially when it comes to packaging.

However, 2018 is the perfect time to invest in custom product packaging. While customised packaging may be a higher initial outlay, there are plenty of reasons to invest in custom product packaging, especially as it may well save you money in the long run.

Why should your business invest in custom product packaging?


  • Reduce returns


Wrongly sized packaging could cause products to break in transit. This will not only be costly for your business, but it will create a complicated reverse logistics process as well as giving customers a poor service experience. Having the right sized packaging for your products will limit the number of breakages, lower the cost of returns and damage. However, most importantly, it will ensure your customers are happy and reduce the risk of a negative experience.

Make sure to calculate the number of returns before and after you change packaging so you can see whether you have a valuable return on investment or whether you need to make further improvements.


  • Competitive advantage


With the rise of the internet, every company seems to compete in a global marketplace. This means there is even more competition to outshine. To do this, you need to show your business to be different in as many ways as possible. One of these ways is to think outside of the box when it comes to boxing up your products. Custom product packaging allows you to achieve a distinctive design that sets you apart from the rest of your competitors.

It may be worthwhile conducting market research for your competitors to find out how they package items and whether you can design a better packaging system that will help to differentiate your brand for all of the right reasons.


  • User experience


Businesses should consider user experience in every aspect of the sales journey. From browsing online to receiving the product, how the user interacts with your brand is critical for the overall success of the business. You should think about the user experience when it comes to packaging too. For example, is the packaging discreet or bold to suit the customer? Is it safe but also easy to open? Does the packaging have any secondary use or is it eco-friendly?

If you want users to become brand ambassadors and promote your business, then there has never been a better time to invest in custom product packaging to meet customer needs. Use your customer demographics wisely to make sure you create custom packaging that works for them.


  • Reduce waste


In 2018, there is a growing concern for the environment with more and more people taking a stand against waste and unnecessary product packaging. Before your business becomes a social media sensation for using too much packaging for your products, start to create custom product packaging that reduces waste and is kinder to the planet. Demand is growing for environmentally friendly packaging. As well as eliminating any excess waste, also consider the materials you use and whether your packaging can be reused or recycled.

Reducing waste packaging will not only impress your customers, but it may also save you money too as you will no longer need to purchase filler material and you will only use the material you need.


  • Make a great first impression


When a customer receives a package, it is like a gift. People love to unbox items and the moment should be special for consumers. There is even a rise in ‘unboxing videos’ on YouTube. With your custom product packaging, you have the chance to make an excellent and memorable first impression for your customers.

Custom packaging will show your customer exactly what your brand is about. An unusual packaging design will confirm that your brand is innovative, while eco-friendly packaging will demonstrate your principles as a business. Whatever you want your brand to portray, custom product packaging is an excellent way to get your message across.

The experience you create will turn first-time buyers into repeat purchased and repeat buyers into lifelong, loyal customers. While your packaging may not seem significant, it could be the difference between a client choosing you over a competitor.

Why Are Manufacturers Using Custom Boxes For Products?

With so many competitors, it can be hard to stand out in your field, especially when your product has lots of similar competition.

Your brand needs to be unique and stand out for all the right reasons. One of the best ways to differentiate yourself from your competitors is through your packaging. Custom boxes are an excellent way to break from tradition and give your product a fresh and exciting look. However, there are many reasons why manufacturers are thinking out of the box with their custom boxes for products.

Seven reasons why manufacturers are using custom boxes for products

  • Extra protection

Traditional boxes sizes may mean there are gaps and spaces around the product. This could result in damage and make transportation difficult due to the weight distribution. With custom boxes, you have a box that is the perfect shape for the product so that it fits snugly inside.

  • No need for box filler

As custom boxed can ensure your product fits inside snugly, you do not need to use packaging filler in the box. This can save you money as you no longer need to keep box filler in stock, but it’ll also save your space on your production line too. Furthermore, the time it takes for packaging will decrease, and productivity of workers will increase too.

Reducing the requirement for box filler will also help to cut waste, helping you to become more eco-friendly and sustainable as a business.

  • Branding

In a fiercely competitive market, you need to stand out. Custom boxes allow you to position yourself in the market and stand out. Custom boxes will enable customers to pick out your product with ease. By having custom boxes, you show that you are an established company who has put thought and attention into the product and the packaging. It can help to bolster your reputation and shows your integrity. Custom boxes can even instil customer trust with your brand.

  • Presentation

Without a doubt, a custom box can work wonders for the presentation of your product. By putting thought, attention and creativity into the design and shape of the box, you will have a product that is packaged beautifully. The power of presentation helps to boost the first impression and can then be reused in the future. With eco-conscious customers, the fact that they can reuse your packaging may help to increase your sales.

  • Eco-friendly

With custom boxes, you can ensure they are made from recycled material and that they are fully recyclable in the future. Furthermore, custom boxes can fit your product, which can help to eliminate the need for wasteful material. With a focus on reducing waste and going greener, your custom box design can help to show your committed to Corporate Social Responsibility and show that your brand cares about the environment.

  • Automation

An increase in packaging technology has made it much easier for the production of custom boxes. With machinery able to create bespoke boxes for every product, it has made it much easier for firms to adopt custom boxes for all of their products. Furthermore, an increase in automation means it is easy to handle reverse logistics. If you have returns in damaged packaging, you can simply switch the product into a custom box and be able to resell the product right away.

  • Save money

Custom boxes can help your brand to save a considerable amount of money. Firstly, custom boxes are designed to fit, meaning you are saving money on the amount of packaging material you need, as well as a filler. Secondly, the ideal box size will reduce the risk of damage to the product, which means less costly returns and refunds.

As well as this, having custom boxes can help to reduce your logistics costs. Reducing the size of boxes can help to increase the number of products that you can distribute via freight as well as assisting with the amount of fuel you use. It can also help reduce the postage and shipping costs if you use a logistics provider.

With a custom box, your business can save money, increase productivity, further automation and reduce waste and storage of packaging. As well as this the customers benefit from stand-out packaging that reduces waste and makes it easy to recycle or dispose of. Retailers are also happy as your products will look inviting and unique which can liven up their shelves.

Is it time your business opted for custom boxes for your packaging needs?

How To Get Rid Of Void Fillers Packaging In Your Business

For manufacturers, businesses and customers across the globe, void fillers packaging is one of the biggest irritations.

Void fillers packaging can help to protect products and can serve as a vital armour for logistic problems that can affect products such as dropping, shaking, impact, crushing and shock. However, there are many negatives associated with void fillers too.

What is void filler packaging?

Void filler packaging is the added material that is used to fill any empty spaces in packaging to help protect a product. Void filler effectively fills in any gaps in boxes and packaging to help keep the product in its place and to stop it moving. The protection can also help the product during transport.

There are many different types of void fillers packaging, some of the most common materials used for void fill include;

  • Cardboard strips
  • Board honeycomb
  • Polystyrene pieces
  • Paper
  • Bubble wrap
  • Shredding
  • Packing peanuts
  • Airbags.

The problem with void fillers packaging

1. Expense

One of the main issues with void packaging is the additional expense that it brings. Void filler means that you are using packaging that is too big. Your business is, therefore, paying unnecessary postage or logistics costs to transport empty space. Furthermore, you are not only paying for the privilege of shipping empty space, but you are also paying for the void filler material itself.

2. Time-wasting

Filling packaging with void filler is a task which takes valuable time. In fact, staff could be using the time with wasteful void filler by packing more products into better packaging solutions. With the right packaging, you do not need to fill spaces in boxes and packages. This time spent ensuring that there is adequate filler protecting the product could be spent so much better.

In fact, with the right packaging for your product, you can reduce the packaging and fulfilment time. You can then, therefore, increase your delivery cycles and better utilise staff time for value-adding activities rather than non-value adding activities such as void filling.

3. Space utilisation

Another irritation of void filler is the use of your valuable space on your premises. Often void filler packaging can take up premium warehouse space that could be utilised for storage of products, machinery or other profit-making activities. Often void filler is large and cumbersome, making it difficult to store, especially when it is needed close to hand for packaging on the process line.

4. Environmentally-unfriendly

Void fillers packaging will significantly lower your green credentials as a business. Using excess cardboard which needs recycling and process or harmful plastic which is often not recycled can be damaging to the environment.

Many consumers will not know how to process void fillers, which means they may not be recycled. Regardless of whether you are using recyclable materials or not, the fact is that you may still be wasting material which is unnecessary and does not showcase a business as being eco-friendly.

How to reduce void filler

1. Choose the right-sized packaging

Instead of choosing a generic box or envelope to pack your products into, consider offering a range of packaging sizes to suit your product needs better. It can be much more efficient to use the right sized packaging rather than a generic box and adding the necessary void fill to reduce the space.

Using box-on-demand techniques which give you the right sized box for every product can be a significant cost-saving investment for your business. Alternatively, taking the time to find a more suitable sized package may be worthwhile.

2. Seal boxes correctly

By sealing products with strong materials such as pressure sensitive tape, you can significantly enhance the strength of the packaging as well as its stability. By sealing products, you help to protect them from harmful conditions such as moisture and odour. Furthermore, it can help with the balance when the product is in transit, assisting the package to maintain its shape and reducing the risk of crushing and compression.

3. Test your packaging

If you feel void fillers are inevitable, then you may still be able to reduce the amount you need. It is worthwhile conducting a range of ‘stress’ tests with your products to see how they fare and therefore work out what is the optimal packaging that you need. It may surprise you to find that your product is just as protected without void filler as it is with it. By checking your products and packaging in a variety of situations, you can then standardise your packaging process which can help you to save money and become more efficient.

Why The World Needs Us To Move To Custom Product Packaging

For every business, having the right packaging is essential.

Your packaging is often the first impression that customers have of your business and it needs to count. Packaging should not only be practical but it also needs to add value, while it can protect your product from damage, it can also help to sell your brand.

Custom product packaging is a highly effective way to not only improve customer experience but your brand reputation as well. In fact, there are many reasons why businesses should move to custom product packaging for their products, here we have analysed some of the best reasons why you should make the change to customised packaging.

Five reasons to use custom product packaging

  • Brand awareness

Having customised packaging can help to get your brand noticed. By introducing a unique box that precisely fits the shape of your product to printed packaging which helps to market your business, custom product packaging can help to get your business noticed.

Tailored packaging can quickly become distinctive. For example, although Amazon has a very low-key packaging type. However, their brown boxes and envelopes with signature tape and printed logo make the parcels instantly recognisable.

  • Environment impact

Instead of using a one-size-fits-all packaging, a custom-sized package can significantly reduce the impact on the environment. For a start, custom packaging cuts wastage as you can tailor it to the size of your product. You also reduce the amount of filler product used which again reduces the waste of resources.

Customised packaging can also be eco-friendly, such as the recycled cardboard used by Ribble in our Box on Demand packaging solution. By choosing environmentally-friendly product packaging, you can show your customers that you have a commitment to saving the planet. You may even decide to make a pledge to go plastic-free to reduce the harm that your custom packaging has on the earth.

  • Reduce returns

It makes sense that the right-sized packaging for your product will help to keep the item secured and steady while in transit which reduces the risk of damage to the product. This is particularly pertinent for businesses that ship fragile, high-value goods.

Tailored packaging can help to keep the item safe and in perfect condition so that the object arrives safely. This not only improves customer satisfaction, reduces the administration and reverse logistics associated with returning items, it also can help to improve your bottom line too.

  • Cut transportation costs

The costs of shipping can be significant for your business. However, by using the right-sized packaging for your products, you can reduce the amount of space your products need while in transport, which can significantly cut costs. Whether you pile products onto a lorry for shipping or utilise a logistics company, the weight and size of your product will impact your costs.

By reducing the size of the packaging, you are able to fit more products on the necessary transportation which can allow you to transport more or cut your costs whether you use your own transportation or use a logistics provider.

  • Shrink your carbon footprint

Another benefit of using custom product packaging is the ability to shrink your carbon footprint. You can lessen your carbon impact by using less packaging which reduces the amount your business need which, in turn, reduces the energy required to produce the packaging.

As products have only the necessary packaging that they need, it can also help to reduce the weight while in transportation which can cut your fuel consumption and size of transportation required which can all contribute to lowering your carbon footprint.

Create custom product packaging with Ribble

The team at Ribble are committed to lowering the cost of packaging for business and being kind to the planet. As standard, all of the packaging products that we supply are fully recycled. Furthermore, your customers will be able to recover them easy once finished as a packaging function as all of our cardboard is fully recyclable too.

Using our innovative Box on Demand solution, you can create customised packaging to suit the exact size of your product. Furthermore, our on-demand box making machine can change for each product or be used for batch production. With Ribble Automate, you can create the exact sized box that you need helping your business to lower packaging costs as well as your impact on the environment.

To find out more about our innovative on-demand box making machinery, contact the team at Ribble by calling 0161 284 9000.

Seven Reasons To Switch To Right Size Packaging

In many cases, packaging is as important as the product itself.

To customers, packaging says a lot about your business. In fact, from something as humble as packaging, your clients can understand aspects of your brand such as your commitment to protecting goods right through to your environmental credentials and eco-friendly stance. By choosing the right size packaging for your business, you can showcase your brand before a customer has even looked at what’s inside.

What is right size packaging?

It is very rare for a product to fit in conventional boxes for packaging exactly. Instead, businesses will use filler and padding to protect the product and give the product more security so that it fits more snugly in the box. However, by opting for customised options, you can have the right size packaging to ship your products without the need for extra packing materials.

With so many benefits of right size packaging, here are just seven reasons why you should make the switch to right size packaging.

Seven reasons to choose right size packaging

  • Reduce your packaging spend

The cost of packaging can quickly mount up and significantly reduce the potential profits from every sale. Using right size packaging means that you only have to use the amount you need. By reducing the amount of packaging or cardboard you use, you save money on your packaging materials. Your materials stretch further, meaning you can pack more products for the same cost as fewer products with standardised box sizes.

Not only does right size packaging mean you save money on your packaging orders, but you also reduce the administrative time of ordering materials too.

  • Reduce your carbon footprint

For most businesses, it is common to have a business objective or mission statement centred on sustainability and being more environmentally aware. Packaging is one area where you can show your commitment to reducing your carbon footprint and being more sustainable.

For example, your business can commit to only using recycled products for packaging material. At Ribble, all of our cardboard is recycled as well as being fully recyclable.  Furthermore, when you use right size boxes, you reduce the amount of cardboard and filling materials that you need. To help reduce wastage and lessen the impact on the environment.

  • Lower stock

If many different packaging products overrun your facility, then it may be time to switch to right size packaging. With right size packaging methods, such as Box on Demand, you have just one packaging material that is easy to store. This means your packing area can get rid of copious boxes and storage of a range of filler products that do not use the space efficiently.

The lower stock also helps to improve your on-demand supply chain, meaning you only have the necessary products available for your orders which can help to streamline your business and lower costs.

  • Improved protection

By using the right sized packaging for each product, you can ensure each item is snug and secure in its packaging. This means that throughout the potential turbulent shipping process, your product has the best possible protection.

Using the right packaging reduces the risk of damage to your products which will increase customer satisfaction on its arrival. In turn, this can reduce expensive returns and replacements for faulty products, all helping to improve your bottom line.

  • Better transportation

By having smaller boxes to fit products, you save on expensive empty space and reduce the cost of void fill. What’s more, it makes the process more efficient when transporting products as you can pack more onto a lorry or reduce the cost of shipping thanks to a lower weight and size.

Cutting the size and weight of each package, you can save on costs but also lower your carbon emissions to as you need fewer lorries to transport a greater selection of goods.

  • Increase customer satisfaction

Customers rely on packaging to protect their goods and make sure that they remain fully functioning after shipping. Firstly, by making sure your product arrives damage-free is the minimum expectation from a customer. Many consumers have a focus on the environment and will seek out brands who are committed to eco-friendly causes. By reducing the amount of packaging, you show consumers that you do not needlessly waste resources and damage the planet unnecessarily.

Furthermore, customers hate having to split and break down packaging to recycle and throw it away. Increased packaging increases their time processes as well as filling up the bin. Using right size packaging, you limit the excess and make the lives of your customers easier.

  • Save time = save money

By using an on-demand product to create your right size packaging for you, you can enjoy a quicker packing process. By producing one perfectly sized box to batch producing, Box on Demand can create the boxes you need, saving packers time and reducing the number of processes involved too.

By having a box making machine, you reduce the amount of work for packers, allowing them to be utilised in other aspects of the business, as well as reducing the pressure on busy staff.

Let your business reap the rewards of saving time, money and increasing productivity.

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