How Right Size Technology can save you thousands on fuel and energy costs

In 2020 1.27 billion tonnes of goods were carried by trucks and HGVs across the UK, covering 16.2 billion road miles.

Due recent socioeconomic and political factors the cost to fuel these HGVs has risen by £173 per week. Diesel has hit a record high of £1.70 per litre, while petrol now costs an average of £1.61 per litre.

With fuel and energy costs soaring; Inflation is at its highest level for over 30 years, with much of these rises passed onto the consumer as firms simply cannot absorb such significant increases (Elizabeth de Jong, Logistics UK).


What’s Happening Now?

Fuel accounts for a third of an HGV’s annual operating cost.”  So ‘The Road Haulage Association’ wants the Government to freeze fuel duty for two years. It also wants an “essential user” rebate for lorry and coach firms of 15p per litre introduced.

Rising fuel prices are putting further pressure on retail supply chains. This adds to cost pressures from labour shortages, commodity price increases and rising energy prices in consequence, until some pressures ease, it’s likely prices will continue to rise.

Meanwhile, analysis shows the annual average cost of running a typical family car, including fuel, has shot up by nearly £300. Many consumers are having to choose between purchasing food, heating their homes or putting petrol in their cars.


How Ribble Right Size Can Help?

Many people overlook the importance of packaging when it comes to shipping goods, but an efficient and effective packaging supply is essential to keeping the product safe and most importantly keeping customers happy.

Ribble Right Size solutions improve vehicle utilisation by 25%. This means companies who have implemented Right Size can fit 25% more product in each vehicle drastically decreasing fuel consumption.

By Right Sizing your packaging supply you will gain the ability to create the perfect size box for all your products on-site, on-demand, eliminating any wasted space in your packages and therefore any wasted space in your transport vehicle.

With Right Size there is no need for additional protective packaging materials such as bubble wrap or Styrofoam peanuts as your boxes will now fit your products perfectly, increasing product protection, decreasing the weight of your packages, and making your packaging process fully sustainable.

There are also many other benefits of using our Right Size solutions. These include up to a 30% reduction in packaging costs, savings on labour costs through increased automation, increased warehouse space and more.

Every cubic inch of your packaging that doesn’t contain your product is costing you money. By introducing Right Size Technology, you can get more boxes in each vehicle, meaning fewer journeys and less money spent on fuel and diesel.


Frequently Asked Questions about Right Size Solutions

Frequently Asked Questions about Right Size Solutions


As experts in Right Size Packaging, we get lots of questions from people who are interested in switching. So, we thought we’d cover the basics here and let you find out for yourself if Right Size Packaging is right for you…


How much does Right Size Packaging cost?


This is our number one question when we have a prospective customer, but the truth is – it’s not an easy one. There is no set answer as it is very dependable on what industry you work in, type of machine required and the way in which you acquire the machine. At Ribble Packaging, we offer various ways of acquiring the machine including (but not limited to) rentals, amortise and connect deals, in addition to purchasing the machines outright.


How many boxes can be produced per minute?


Right-sized boxes per minute will depend on the model of the Panotec machine you opt for. Please see below our latest estimations.


Nextpro – Approx. 10 boxes per minute

Evo – Approx. 4 boxes per minute

Midi – Approx. 4 boxes per minute


How many people are required in the warehouse to manage the system?


All of our Panotec machines can be run by just one operator. For a trainee operator, the process of loading a pallet, feeding the fanfold into the machine and producing a box, can be achieved in just a few minutes!


Depending on your business and if you choose to add on any additional automated extras such as the Scan table, E-Gluer, and Varypack, then more operators could make the process quicker and more efficient.


How much warehouse space will a Right Size Packaging system need?


Business Directors and Production Managers often worry that having a flexible packaging management system will require tonnes of space. But the truth is, you’ll actually save space by not having to store multiple shapes and sizes of packaging materials. Listed below are the approximate space requirements depending on which Panotec model you choose.


Nextpro operating width – 2.5m

Evo operating width – 2.5m

Midi operating width – 1.4m


Each machine will have different a different number of cassettes. These are essentially bays for the pallets to go in. Depending on your business requirements, this will be optimised for maximum production.

Right Size Packaging is perfect for businesses that sell products of all different shapes and sizes. By having customisable boxes on demand, companies can reduce the costs of storing packaging and benefit from having no additional filling material to purchase.


If you think Right Size Packaging could be for you or you have a question that we haven’t covered here, please get in touch.

Leading The Way With Packaging Innovation

According to the Office of National Statistics, 82% of people in the UK shopped online in 2019 (a rise of 4% against 2018). That’s a lot of goods being shipped, and a lot of packaging being used. And, given how much of that packaging will have been too big for the goods being shipped, it’s a lot of waste and unnecessary cost.

When it comes to unnecessary packaging, waste and cost aren’t the only factors to consider. There is another side too: consumer opinion.  A recent survey by the Chartered Institute of Marketing found that 88% of people think their online shopping comes with too much packaging. And, a further 30% said too much packaging puts them off ordering with the same company again. 

Thankfully, for businesses who sell goods online, packaging innovation means tailor-made boxes, produced on demand are now an option available to retailers and manufacturers. A solution that, in the longer-term, can save them time and money while building a loyal customer base. 

What is on demand packaging?

On demand packaging is an innovative packaging solution that allows businesses to produce boxes to the exact size of the goods they’re shipping. State of the art machinery scans goods and cuts corrugated cardboard to the exact size needed. They’re a simple and effective solution to the problem of too much packaging. The results are less waste, less cost, higher levels of customer satisfaction and a smaller environmental footprint.

On demandPackaging innovation with

There are a number of on demand packaging solutions on the market and available in the UK, including:

CMC CartonWrap

CMC’s CartonWrap is an automated packaging system capable of producing 1,000 on demand boxes an hour. Each box fits the exact size and shape of the goods to be shipped. These are made in ‘real-time’ after an order is processed and ready for shipping. 

Businesses around the world use Carton Wrap. This includes Lakeland in the UK. However, the machine is primarily designed for larger enterprises that ship in high volumes. As a result, and due to its size, it doesn’t work as well for smaller businesses or those with limited warehouse space.

Neopost CVP-500

Neopost’s CVP-500 is a smaller machine, though possibly still not ideal for businesses with limited space due to its size. The machine is designed for mid-market businesses and makes up to 500 boxes an hour. Each fits the product it is shipping perfectly.  According to Neopost, the CVP-500 is equivalent to 15 packaging stations and saves businesses up to 20% on cardboard compared to traditional, standardised, packaging.

Ribble Right Size

Panotec’s machinery is available exclusively in the UK through Ribble, a Lancashire based packaging company who have been delivering innovative packaging solutions to its customers for 80 years. Right Size works seamlessly with Ribble’s fanfold cardboard, meaning it saves businesses 25% on cardboard and 100% on void fillers. It also means businesses have consistent access to high-quality materials and don’t have to worry about MOQs.

Unlike Neopost and CMC’s automated packaging machines, Right Size machinery is available in three sizes, meaning there is likely one that works for most businesses. Their smallest model, the Compak 1.4, for example, is only 1.4 metres wide and can produce 600 boxes an hour. There is also the Compak Evo, which produces 720 boxes per hour and the larger Next Mode model produces 840 boxes per hour.

The Benefits of On Demand Packaging

While there is an initial outlay to buying an on demand packaging system, something which may make businesses nervous, the short and long-term benefits make any investment well worthwhile. 


On demand packaging systems are fast, much faster than packaging by hand. As a result, businesses can be much more responsive to customer demand, fulfilling orders more quickly. It’s worth remembering that, as well as speed, companies should consider volume. As we’ve seen, different machinery can produce different numbers of boxes in an hour. 

It is important that businesses choose equipment that produces boxes at the rate they need them to. It is easy for businesses to over-estimate how many boxes they need. It is worth noting that Amazon’s new automated packaging system, for example, only produces 700 boxes an hour.


Systems like Right Size take the guesswork out of packaging. Businesses can be confident knowing that they will never order packaging that is too big or too small for the goods they want to ship. Plus, because systems produce labels at the same time as boxes, there is less chance of an order shipping to the wrong location. 


Not all products fit nicely into a standard box.  For example, Ribble work with Showcard who produce point of sale and large scale display posters. Both need specific packaging to ensure goods arrive at their destination in excellent condition. This isn’t always possible with ‘one size fits all’ boxes. It is possible with packaging innovation where businesses can size boxes to meet their specific needs.


Following the initial layout, on demand packaging machines can lead to huge costs savings, including:


Neopost estimates their CVP-500 saves 20% on conventional packaging. Right Size, meanwhile, can save a business 25% in corrugated cardboard, a significant saving. There is also less need for void filler. This is one of the most expensive parts of packaging because a) it costs money to buy and b) it costs money to transport. With void filler, businesses are basically paying to ship air. With systems such as Right Size, because it uses corrugated cardboard to protect goods, the need for void filler is completely eliminated.


Storing standardised boxes takes up space, resulting in warehouse costs that can be avoided by on demand packaging. An added benefit here is that the less packaging a business has to store, the more space they have to store goods (while not having to increase their square footage).


Goods picked and packed by hand are more likely to contain errors, leading to customers receive the wrong goods. When this happens, businesses sometimes take it as a loss, estimating it costs more to ship the products back that have the customer keep them. There is, however, a cost for then sending out the correct item. Packaging innovation reduces the risk of errors as it scans goods before packaging; some systems have digital displays that allow staff to match goods to orders. 


The chances of goods being damaged in transit increases when they are incorrectly packaged. This can be the result of boxes being the wrong size or insufficient void filler. Businesses then have to send replacement goods, which they have to pay for.


While the goods businesses ship determines their transport costs, most say shipping is their biggest outlay. In fact, some industry experts estimate transportation costs can run as high as 50%. Packaging innovation reduces the size of the packaging, meaning businesses can load more goods into their delivery vans. As a result, shipping goods requires fewer trucks and fewer journeys. This, in turn, reduces running costs and a company’s carbon footprint.

The Environmental Impact

Perhaps one of the most positive benefits of on demand packaging systems is that they reduce a business’s environmental impact.  This is becoming increasingly important to consumers. The Charted Institute of Marketing survey we mentioned earlier, for example, found:

  • 36% of people surveyed judge a company’s ethics based on their packaging
  • 17% had complained to a company because of excess packaging with their goods
  • 10% were less likely to place an online order because of the amount of packaging a company used
  • 25% were willing to pay more for sustainable packaging; this is something Ribble offer in all their packaging, 100% of which is recyclable.

With packaging innovation and on demand solutions, businesses can honestly tell their customers that they are reducing their:

  • Levels of waste
  • Carbon footprint
  • Use of plastic

At the same time, they are increasing the use of recyclable materials. This should have a positive impact on how they are seen and could increase sales.

Competitive Advantage

Finally, on demand packaging systems offer businesses a competitive edge. They are simple and inexpensive to run, increase productivity and reduce costs. And, because they are innovative and not widely used, they allow businesses to work in ways others in their market can’t. This is incredibly important when profit margins are tight, or markets are crowded. It provides a way for businesses to offer their customers a competitive price and a high level of service. Both of which should lead to increased sales and repeat orders.

Over time, because of the benefits that packaging innovation offers and customer demand for sustainable packaging, there is no doubt that on demand packaging will increase in popularity.  What better time, then, than now, to invest in a state-of-the-art product that could change the way you do business and your customers see you?

Mirror Packaging: The Alternative For Mirror Manufacturers & Retailers

When it comes to packaging and transporting mirrors, the process has been relatively consistent for many years.

Typically, it begins with bubble wrap, polystyrene packing peanuts and a box with lots of parcel tape. However, customers are now demanding a new and improved packaging option. They are looking for one that is better for the environment, and that limits wastage.

So, what is the alternative for mirror packaging?

Why retailers should look for alternative mirror packaging

  • Eliminate waste

When you are shipping a variety of mirrors, the chances are you are using the same size box for as many products as possible. This means more space on the van when shipping which not only costs your business more but also means there are more vans on the road, causing more emissions. Using custom boxes for each mirror you ship eliminates waste, potentially saving you money and reducing your carbon footprint. 

  • Ease of recycling

90% of people say that they would recycle more if it were easier to do so. Consequently, there is a demand for greener packaging that is easy to recycle. If you are using plastic packaging or other materials that do not biodegrade or are not easy to recycle, then it is time to find alternative mirror packaging that customers can recycle. 

Using custom boxes made from recycled cardboard is an excellent solution as cardboard is readily recycled and is easy to reuse and repurpose into new packaging every time it is recycled. 

  • Improve customer perception

Consumers are looking for companies that offer eco-friendly options and packaging is an essential aspect of this. With unboxing now being a huge trend, you want to ensure your customers get the right impression of your brand from the second they receive your parcel. One of the best ways to make a good impression of your packaging is to keep it minimal, eco-friendly and easy to repurpose or recycle. Customers are short on time, and your packaging needs to be easy to process. 

  • Enhance the shipping process

Packaging items ready for shipping takes time, money and resources. Furthermore, packaging material takes up lots of space, and the process itself can be space consuming. If you want to make the packaging process more seamless and to keep it speedy, it may be time to think about alternative mirror packaging. Solutions such as Ribble Right Size can minimise the space needed for packaging and speed up the process too. 

  • Reduce breakages

If you find that many customers are returning items because they have been broken or damaged, then it is certainly time to rethink the packaging that you are using. Large boxes, even with void filler mean that there is a lot of space for your products to move, which increases the risk of damage. However, by choosing custom boxes that ensure your mirrors fit snugly inside means, there is less movement and hopefully fewer breakages. 

While you may have a higher initial outlay in changing your packaging, it may improve your bottom line in the long run. 

Custom boxes – the alternative for mirror packaging

While cardboard may have been around for centuries, it is still one of the easiest, cost-effective and greenest methods of packaging. Corrugated cardboard helps to provide padding as well, which can reduce breakages. If you use custom boxes, then you know the product and its box are the perfect fit. 

Consequently, you can reduce wastage, excess space, eliminate void fillers and keep your products as safe as possible during transit. What’s more, when the client receives your parcel in its custom box, it is easy for them to recycle the packaging too. 

You can make your custom boxes even green by avoiding bleached boxes and instead focus on using previously recycled card for your packaging. Many corrugated cardboard sellers will now offer a recycled option that can also be recycled again by your customers. This means the lifespan of the cardboard is hugely increased, with the ability to recycle it time and time again. 

If you have small areas of space that you need to fill, then biodegradable void filler of paper cushioning can be an excellent alternative for mirror packaging. While custom boxes may be enough, if you want added security that doesn’t use excess unrecyclable plastic, then these can be useful to have in stock in case there are rare cases where they are needed or perhaps need cushioning between multiple mirrors when you are posting more than one at a time in each box.

Custom Boxes: The Answer To Your Products Void Filler Problem

Shipping fragile items such as mirrors, furniture or glass is never easy. To make a profit, you need to ensure that your items reach the customer in one piece, with no damage. However, in the busy world of logistics, that is not always easy. 

In the past, the most effective way to ensure fragile items were transported safely was thanks to void filler such as foam packing peanuts. However, these days, less is more when it comes to packaging. Consumers are seeking out brands who are greener with their packaging by either using eco-friendly materials and minimising waste. So, if you’re looking to remove void filler from your packaging, but still want to keep your products protected, what should you do instead? The answer lies in custom boxes. 

Your void filler problem

As well as being wasteful and not environmentally friendly, void filler comes with numerous other issues. For a start, they are typically expensive to include in your packaging budget. Furthermore, void fillers are incredibly time-consuming, especially when you have multiple items to package and ship each day. 

Another issue with void filler is storage. You need an ample space to store void filler. This space can often be better used to store more goods, or you can use the space for other ventures for your business. 

You can read more about void filler problems in one of our previous blog posts here

Eco-friendly shipping

Studies suggest that by 2050, logistics emissions will account for 17% of all carbon dioxide emissions in the world. As a result, there is now more urgency to find ways to cut emissions in the logistics process, especially as e-commerce continues to rise.  Eco-friendly shipping not only needs to focus on reusable materials but reducing waste in the whole process; from space to fewer packaging materials. 

Keeping packages safe without void filler

The problem with void filler is that it is generally easy to use and can keep products relatively safe. This means it is hard to move away from, especially when there is a risk of eliminating void filler from your packaging. However, to reduce emissions and show off your green credentials to your client base, then removing void filler is essential. 

How to eliminate void filler with custom boxes

The reason void filler is used is because the box is too big for the item. However, you can eliminate this issue by using custom boxes. If you ship a lot of products, then you may think it is not feasible to order multiple boxes in custom sizes. However, by using a box on demand service, you can get the perfect size box for every item, as and when you need it. This means you reduce the amount of space you need for packaging storage too. 

Benefits of custom boxes

  • Decrease waste material

Firstly, it is wise to conduct some packaging test runs to determine how much packaging you actually need to keep your product safe. While you may have once used miles of bubble wrap to cover your wall art or mirror products, you may find that you only need one wrap to keep your product snug in the custom box and safe from any logistic mishaps. 

From there, you can eliminate the use of wasteful bubble wrap and use corrugated cardboard, that is easy to recycle or perhaps corn starch or mushroom packaging to keep your parcel safe while in transit. 

  • More space in lorries

By using a custom box, you only need to take up the exact amount of space you need. There is no excess to account for on the lorry. This means vehicles can pack more products on to each load, reducing the carbon emissions. 

  • Product safety

Custom boxes actually keep your products safer than standard-sized boxes. This is because there is less space for your product to move around in, which means your product is secure during transport. As a result of your products being safer, there is less risk of customers receiving damaged goods. As a result, your business reduces the cost of reverse logistics, returns and product write-offs. Consequently, this all helps to improve your product revenue. 

  • Improved customer feedback

Customers love the packaging that makes their life easier and limits its impact on the environment.  Custom boxes can improve the shopping experience by making reducing waste, making it easy to recycle and customers can know that the cardboard used in custom boxes is already recycled. This leaves the customer with a positive impression of your business and means they are more likely to return to your organisation and buy from you again. 

Custom Box Making For Product Manufacturers Explained

When companies are tasked with getting their products directly from their production lines into the hands of their customers, it can be a struggle to find a way of not only effectively transporting the product but also presenting it in a memorable and outstanding style. Using custom boxes as a product manufacturer can deliver the branded impact that your customers will appreciate, remember and sometimes even share online.

Giving your products the right packaging and branding is vital in today’s modern world, where the majority of goods are bought online and delivered without the customer ever having stepped foot inside a store. Custom box making gives product manufacturers a unique edge and the chance to stand out from competitors.

What Are Custom Boxes?

Whatever your business is selling, the chances are your products needs packaging, either for shipping to online customers or for selling in stores. Traditionally boxes and packaging had to be purchased as standard sizes and shapes and used for all your products. This often resulted in small or awkwardly shaped products being packaged in large boxes with a lot of filler.

Custom boxes give you the ability to make product packaging in any shape and size, making it possible to create a box that perfectly fits your product.

Custom Boxes On Demand

For businesses looking to create beautiful and sustainable custom packaging, then an on-demand custom box-making machine could be the perfect option. These give you the ability to create custom boxes for every order which will not only cut down on costs but also give you the ability to create several custom packages to fit any product.

On-demand box-making machines can make just one box or batch produce hundreds, making them ideal for both one-off orders and large shipments. If your business produces various products of different shapes and sizes, then an on-demand box making solution can help to provide custom packaging to fit any product.

The process is simple and straightforward, a custom box making machine can be placed on the production floor or in a factory and is fed by a continuous concertina of folded cardboard. Your products can benefit from added protection as every box is a perfect size, reducing damage and issues during transportation and shipping. Transport costs can be significantly reduced by increasing vehicle utilisation and eliminating void space in your product’s packaging, resulting in more room on delivery vans for more stock.

better transport packaging

A Greener Solution

Custom box making is more sustainable than traditional methods in many ways, and often reduces a company’s overall costs. By creating custom sized boxes that perfectly fit your products, you will be dramatically reducing the amount of waste packaging your company creates. Not only will you reduce the amount of cardboard used to create the box itself, but also reduce the amount of filler needed to pack the boxes, which will help to cut down on the amount of plastic ending up in landfills.

It is possible to create custom boxes and on-demand packaging using 100% recyclable packaging.

By creating custom boxes that waste less space, you will be increasing your company’s transport utilisation. This means there are fewer vehicles on the road and an improved carbon footprint for your brand, as well as reduced transportation and fuel costs with fewer vans to run. Custom boxes not only save space on vans but also within factories and offices, eliminating the need for storing various sized boxes. By clearing up box clutter in your workspace, you can better utilise the space to store other materials or products.

Happy Customers

Today it is more important than ever to make sure your customers are satisfied and happy with your service and products, and that includes the packaging it arrives in. No one wants to receive a large box filled with plastic peanuts for a small product; customers want their products to arrive in a reasonably sized package. Reducing the amount of packaging cluttering your customer’s homes and bins will give them faith in your business and its dedication to the environment.

Every company wants their brand to give off the right messages and choosing a sustainable, environmentally friendly packaging solution can do exactly that. Custom box making for product manufacturers is an easy and simple process, especially with on-demand box making machines available to businesses of all sizes.

The process of creating the perfect sized boxes for your product range is hassle-free and convenient, and there is no need to be a packaging design expert to get started with custom box making. Whether you are an online retailer or large corporation with many shopfronts, custom box making can help to minimise costs, low your carbon footprint and build brand awareness effortlessly.

Custom Product Packaging: Why Should You Invest In 2018

While standard packaging may seem quick, convenient and budget-friendly, custom product packaging could actually prove to be a vital investment for your business. With the increased demand for packaging in 2018 with the rise of e-commerce as well as the number of start-ups, many businesses have a limited budget, especially when it comes to packaging.

However, 2018 is the perfect time to invest in custom product packaging. While customised packaging may be a higher initial outlay, there are plenty of reasons to invest in custom product packaging, especially as it may well save you money in the long run.

Why should your business invest in custom product packaging?


  • Reduce returns


Wrongly sized packaging could cause products to break in transit. This will not only be costly for your business, but it will create a complicated reverse logistics process as well as giving customers a poor service experience. Having the right sized packaging for your products will limit the number of breakages, lower the cost of returns and damage. However, most importantly, it will ensure your customers are happy and reduce the risk of a negative experience.

Make sure to calculate the number of returns before and after you change packaging so you can see whether you have a valuable return on investment or whether you need to make further improvements.


  • Competitive advantage


With the rise of the internet, every company seems to compete in a global marketplace. This means there is even more competition to outshine. To do this, you need to show your business to be different in as many ways as possible. One of these ways is to think outside of the box when it comes to boxing up your products. Custom product packaging allows you to achieve a distinctive design that sets you apart from the rest of your competitors.

It may be worthwhile conducting market research for your competitors to find out how they package items and whether you can design a better packaging system that will help to differentiate your brand for all of the right reasons.


  • User experience


Businesses should consider user experience in every aspect of the sales journey. From browsing online to receiving the product, how the user interacts with your brand is critical for the overall success of the business. You should think about the user experience when it comes to packaging too. For example, is the packaging discreet or bold to suit the customer? Is it safe but also easy to open? Does the packaging have any secondary use or is it eco-friendly?

If you want users to become brand ambassadors and promote your business, then there has never been a better time to invest in custom product packaging to meet customer needs. Use your customer demographics wisely to make sure you create custom packaging that works for them.


  • Reduce waste


In 2018, there is a growing concern for the environment with more and more people taking a stand against waste and unnecessary product packaging. Before your business becomes a social media sensation for using too much packaging for your products, start to create custom product packaging that reduces waste and is kinder to the planet. Demand is growing for environmentally friendly packaging. As well as eliminating any excess waste, also consider the materials you use and whether your packaging can be reused or recycled.

Reducing waste packaging will not only impress your customers, but it may also save you money too as you will no longer need to purchase filler material and you will only use the material you need.


  • Make a great first impression


When a customer receives a package, it is like a gift. People love to unbox items and the moment should be special for consumers. There is even a rise in ‘unboxing videos’ on YouTube. With your custom product packaging, you have the chance to make an excellent and memorable first impression for your customers.

Custom packaging will show your customer exactly what your brand is about. An unusual packaging design will confirm that your brand is innovative, while eco-friendly packaging will demonstrate your principles as a business. Whatever you want your brand to portray, custom product packaging is an excellent way to get your message across.

The experience you create will turn first-time buyers into repeat purchased and repeat buyers into lifelong, loyal customers. While your packaging may not seem significant, it could be the difference between a client choosing you over a competitor.

Why Are Manufacturers Using Custom Boxes For Products?

With so many competitors, it can be hard to stand out in your field, especially when your product has lots of similar competition.

Your brand needs to be unique and stand out for all the right reasons. One of the best ways to differentiate yourself from your competitors is through your packaging. Custom boxes are an excellent way to break from tradition and give your product a fresh and exciting look. However, there are many reasons why manufacturers are thinking out of the box with their custom boxes for products.

Seven reasons why manufacturers are using custom boxes for products

  • Extra protection

Traditional boxes sizes may mean there are gaps and spaces around the product. This could result in damage and make transportation difficult due to the weight distribution. With custom boxes, you have a box that is the perfect shape for the product so that it fits snugly inside.

  • No need for box filler

As custom boxed can ensure your product fits inside snugly, you do not need to use packaging filler in the box. This can save you money as you no longer need to keep box filler in stock, but it’ll also save your space on your production line too. Furthermore, the time it takes for packaging will decrease, and productivity of workers will increase too.

Reducing the requirement for box filler will also help to cut waste, helping you to become more eco-friendly and sustainable as a business.

  • Branding

In a fiercely competitive market, you need to stand out. Custom boxes allow you to position yourself in the market and stand out. Custom boxes will enable customers to pick out your product with ease. By having custom boxes, you show that you are an established company who has put thought and attention into the product and the packaging. It can help to bolster your reputation and shows your integrity. Custom boxes can even instil customer trust with your brand.

  • Presentation

Without a doubt, a custom box can work wonders for the presentation of your product. By putting thought, attention and creativity into the design and shape of the box, you will have a product that is packaged beautifully. The power of presentation helps to boost the first impression and can then be reused in the future. With eco-conscious customers, the fact that they can reuse your packaging may help to increase your sales.

  • Eco-friendly

With custom boxes, you can ensure they are made from recycled material and that they are fully recyclable in the future. Furthermore, custom boxes can fit your product, which can help to eliminate the need for wasteful material. With a focus on reducing waste and going greener, your custom box design can help to show your committed to Corporate Social Responsibility and show that your brand cares about the environment.

  • Automation

An increase in packaging technology has made it much easier for the production of custom boxes. With machinery able to create bespoke boxes for every product, it has made it much easier for firms to adopt custom boxes for all of their products. Furthermore, an increase in automation means it is easy to handle reverse logistics. If you have returns in damaged packaging, you can simply switch the product into a custom box and be able to resell the product right away.

  • Save money

Custom boxes can help your brand to save a considerable amount of money. Firstly, custom boxes are designed to fit, meaning you are saving money on the amount of packaging material you need, as well as a filler. Secondly, the ideal box size will reduce the risk of damage to the product, which means less costly returns and refunds.

As well as this, having custom boxes can help to reduce your logistics costs. Reducing the size of boxes can help to increase the number of products that you can distribute via freight as well as assisting with the amount of fuel you use. It can also help reduce the postage and shipping costs if you use a logistics provider.

With a custom box, your business can save money, increase productivity, further automation and reduce waste and storage of packaging. As well as this the customers benefit from stand-out packaging that reduces waste and makes it easy to recycle or dispose of. Retailers are also happy as your products will look inviting and unique which can liven up their shelves.

Is it time your business opted for custom boxes for your packaging needs?

Why The World Needs Us To Move To Custom Product Packaging

For every business, having the right packaging is essential.

Your packaging is often the first impression that customers have of your business and it needs to count. Packaging should not only be practical but it also needs to add value, while it can protect your product from damage, it can also help to sell your brand.

Custom product packaging is a highly effective way to not only improve customer experience but your brand reputation as well. In fact, there are many reasons why businesses should move to custom product packaging for their products, here we have analysed some of the best reasons why you should make the change to customised packaging.

Five reasons to use custom product packaging

  • Brand awareness

Having customised packaging can help to get your brand noticed. By introducing a unique box that precisely fits the shape of your product to printed packaging which helps to market your business, custom product packaging can help to get your business noticed.

Tailored packaging can quickly become distinctive. For example, although Amazon has a very low-key packaging type. However, their brown boxes and envelopes with signature tape and printed logo make the parcels instantly recognisable.

  • Environment impact

Instead of using a one-size-fits-all packaging, a custom-sized package can significantly reduce the impact on the environment. For a start, custom packaging cuts wastage as you can tailor it to the size of your product. You also reduce the amount of filler product used which again reduces the waste of resources.

Customised packaging can also be eco-friendly, such as the recycled cardboard used by Ribble in our Right Size packaging solution. By choosing environmentally-friendly product packaging, you can show your customers that you have a commitment to saving the planet. You may even decide to make a pledge to go plastic-free to reduce the harm that your custom packaging has on the earth.

  • Reduce returns

It makes sense that the right-sized packaging for your product will help to keep the item secured and steady while in transit which reduces the risk of damage to the product. This is particularly pertinent for businesses that ship fragile, high-value goods.

Tailored packaging can help to keep the item safe and in perfect condition so that the object arrives safely. This not only improves customer satisfaction, reduces the administration and reverse logistics associated with returning items, it also can help to improve your bottom line too.

  • Cut transportation costs

The costs of shipping can be significant for your business. However, by using the right-sized packaging for your products, you can reduce the amount of space your products need while in transport, which can significantly cut costs. Whether you pile products onto a lorry for shipping or utilise a logistics company, the weight and size of your product will impact your costs.

By reducing the size of the packaging, you are able to fit more products on the necessary transportation which can allow you to transport more or cut your costs whether you use your own transportation or use a logistics provider.

  • Shrink your carbon footprint

Another benefit of using custom product packaging is the ability to shrink your carbon footprint. You can lessen your carbon impact by using less packaging which reduces the amount your business need which, in turn, reduces the energy required to produce the packaging.

As products have only the necessary packaging that they need, it can also help to reduce the weight while in transportation which can cut your fuel consumption and size of transportation required which can all contribute to lowering your carbon footprint.

Create custom product packaging with Ribble

The team at Ribble are committed to lowering the cost of packaging for business and being kind to the planet. As standard, all of the packaging products that we supply are fully recycled. Furthermore, your customers will be able to recover them easy once finished as a packaging function as all of our cardboard is fully recyclable too.

Using our innovative Right Size solution, you can create customised packaging to suit the exact size of your product. Furthermore, our on-demand box making machine can change for each product or be used for batch production. With Ribble Automate, you can create the exact sized box that you need helping your business to lower packaging costs as well as your impact on the environment.

To find out more about our innovative on-demand box making machinery, contact the team at Ribble by calling 0161 284 9000.

5 Benefits of Manufacturing Packaging Solutions: More Efficient Shipping

5 Benefits of Manufacturing Packaging Solutions: More Efficient Shipping

When you have spent time manufacturing a piece of furniture, there is a good chance that you will want to make sure that it is packaged and shipped securely. The trouble with packaging materials is that they can often be expensive, not to mention difficult to find the perfect size to match your furniture. The packaging industry has struggled to tackle this problem for manufacturers.

We have put together a list of the 5 lesser known efficiency benefits furniture manufacturers can draw on for more efficient shipping of your products:

  • You will use less corrugated cardboard and corrugated packaging
    Any business that ships out items will know that corrugated cardboard adds to the gross margin of products. By using boxes that are closer to the size that you need, usually smaller than a standard box, you will be cutting down the amount of corrugated cardboard that you use. In turn, the amount of money you spend on packaging supplies.
  • You will also use less void fillers and protective packaging
    You minimise the need to fill empty space in a box. The materials that are often used as void fillers are usually unsustainable, which means that they are not having the best impact on the environment. Something becoming increasingly important for end users and businesses alike.
  • You don’t have to worry about ordering boxes
    Finding the process of making sure that you always have boxes, as well as a variety of sizes, a little tiresome? Right Size packaging means you don’t have to worry about ordering boxes, print boxes only as and when you need them.
  • You will have more space
    Boxes, even when they are flat-packed, take up space. Space that you could be using to store your products. A dedicated custom packaging solution means that you don’t have to have boxes stacked up in your warehouse. Instead you can use the space saved to store more of your amazing products instead.
  • The order process will be much quicker and require less people
    When you are able to create a box that is the perfect size for your needs, you should find that the process is much quicker. Not only this, but you may find that you need less people to get the item packed and ready to be shipped. Saving you money in the long run and allowing you to redistribute these employees to other parts of your business.

This is where manufacturing packaging solutions can help. Custom packaging solutions just like those that are available at Ribble. Right Size offers on demand, perfect fit packaging. Just what furniture manufacturers need when packaging products.

Find out about the manufacturing packaging solutions we provide: Ribble Automate

Ribble Right Size allows you to create boxes to your products dimensions, all thanks to a specialised on demand box making machine. 1 box, or a batch of 1000 boxes. Ribble Automate will help you reduce your shipping costs and packaging material costs.

Want to know more about manufacturing packaging solutions and how it can help your business?

Find out more about Right Size packaging solution. Or get in touch with one of experts to discuss your manufacturing packaging needs where we can answer any Automate questions you might have.

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