Green Packaging Solutions: What Is Fanfold?

For businesses looking for cost-effective and green packaging solutions, then fanfold should be a serious consideration. Fanfold is effectively a long sheet of corrugated cardboard that can be used to protect and package a variety of products. The fanfold aspect comes into play as the long piece of corrugated cardboard is scored at regular intervals so that it can be folded neatly and compactly, like a fan.

Fanfold packaging seems simple enough, but it comes with many benefits for your business.

Fanfold, a green packaging solution:

Firstly, the fanfold packaging is a green solution for your business. Every business should focus on reducing waste, for their own cost-efficiency as well as helping to lessen the impact on the environment. If you’re looking for an eco-conscious solution for your packaging needed, then fanfold, coupled with a Box on Demand machine, is an excellent way for your company to go green.

Other benefits of fanfold packaging

  • Reduce your packaging inventory

Why have multiple packaging products when you can have one?  Regardless of your products and their various shapes and sizes, just using a Box on Demand system with fanfold corrugated cardboard can suit a range of packaging requirements and reduce your packaging stock to only one product thanks to its flexibility and versatility.

Green benefit: by swapping your packaging to fanfold only, you can stop using harmful plastic packaging and switch to an entirely recyclable packaging option.

  • Safe transit

Corrugated cardboard offers an excellent level of protection for goods while they are in transit. By using fanfold packaging, you have a supply of cardboard that you can score to size to ensure every product is well protected. With fanfold packaging, you reduce the need for extra filling materials, therefore saving on cost, but you still provide an exceptional level of protection. What’s more, fanfold packaging can be customised for your bespoke needs.

Green benefit: having customised packaging ensures you receive maximum efficiency, reducing the waste your business creates.

  • Simplified administration

With only one product for your packaging needs, you instantly simplify the administration process for your packaging department. Fanfold packaging means you have just one product to stock take and only one product to order. If you choose bespoke fanfold packaging, you also streamline the whole packaging process, making it much quicker to parcel goods and get them into transit.

Green benefit: Using customised fanfold green packaging solutions means each product is packaged to suit its size. By using tailored packaging, you reduce wasted space meaning you can fit more items in transit through space utilisation, reducing the transportation needs and lessening the effects on the environment.

Discover the uses of green packaging solutions

With tailored widths, shapes and scoring, fanfold packaging can be utilised for a range of different packaging needs when used with the right equipment. As well as this, it can be an excellent surface for high-quality print to ensure your high-quality packaging is printed to allow your brand to shine. The practicality of fanfold packaging meets its green credentials with a wide variety of scoring options as well as being able to score on site your own needs.

Ultimately, fanfold packaging ensures a high-quality product, cost-efficient packaging with green benefits that give your business an eco-friendly boost.

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