Why Are Manufacturers Using Custom Boxes For Products?

With so many competitors, it can be hard to stand out in your field, especially when your product has lots of similar competition.

Your brand needs to be unique and stand out for all the right reasons. One of the best ways to differentiate yourself from your competitors is through your packaging. Custom boxes are an excellent way to break from tradition and give your product a fresh and exciting look. However, there are many reasons why manufacturers are thinking out of the box with their custom boxes for products.

Seven reasons why manufacturers are using custom boxes for products

  • Extra protection

Traditional boxes sizes may mean there are gaps and spaces around the product. This could result in damage and make transportation difficult due to the weight distribution. With custom boxes, you have a box that is the perfect shape for the product so that it fits snugly inside.

  • No need for box filler

As custom boxed can ensure your product fits inside snugly, you do not need to use packaging filler in the box. This can save you money as you no longer need to keep box filler in stock, but it’ll also save your space on your production line too. Furthermore, the time it takes for packaging will decrease, and productivity of workers will increase too.

Reducing the requirement for box filler will also help to cut waste, helping you to become more eco-friendly and sustainable as a business.

  • Branding

In a fiercely competitive market, you need to stand out. Custom boxes allow you to position yourself in the market and stand out. Custom boxes will enable customers to pick out your product with ease. By having custom boxes, you show that you are an established company who has put thought and attention into the product and the packaging. It can help to bolster your reputation and shows your integrity. Custom boxes can even instil customer trust with your brand.

  • Presentation

Without a doubt, a custom box can work wonders for the presentation of your product. By putting thought, attention and creativity into the design and shape of the box, you will have a product that is packaged beautifully. The power of presentation helps to boost the first impression and can then be reused in the future. With eco-conscious customers, the fact that they can reuse your packaging may help to increase your sales.

  • Eco-friendly

With custom boxes, you can ensure they are made from recycled material and that they are fully recyclable in the future. Furthermore, custom boxes can fit your product, which can help to eliminate the need for wasteful material. With a focus on reducing waste and going greener, your custom box design can help to show your committed to Corporate Social Responsibility and show that your brand cares about the environment.

  • Automation

An increase in packaging technology has made it much easier for the production of custom boxes. With machinery able to create bespoke boxes for every product, it has made it much easier for firms to adopt custom boxes for all of their products. Furthermore, an increase in automation means it is easy to handle reverse logistics. If you have returns in damaged packaging, you can simply switch the product into a custom box and be able to resell the product right away.

  • Save money

Custom boxes can help your brand to save a considerable amount of money. Firstly, custom boxes are designed to fit, meaning you are saving money on the amount of packaging material you need, as well as a filler. Secondly, the ideal box size will reduce the risk of damage to the product, which means less costly returns and refunds.

As well as this, having custom boxes can help to reduce your logistics costs. Reducing the size of boxes can help to increase the number of products that you can distribute via freight as well as assisting with the amount of fuel you use. It can also help reduce the postage and shipping costs if you use a logistics provider.

With a custom box, your business can save money, increase productivity, further automation and reduce waste and storage of packaging. As well as this the customers benefit from stand-out packaging that reduces waste and makes it easy to recycle or dispose of. Retailers are also happy as your products will look inviting and unique which can liven up their shelves.

Is it time your business opted for custom boxes for your packaging needs?

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