Panotec: The right size packaging on demand

Panotec’s right size box making systems provide state-of-the-art customised packaging technology, allowing you to streamline your packaging process and reduce your overall costs.

Ribble Packaging is the sole UK agent for Panotec and their industry leading box making technology. Panotec’s revolutionary machinery coupled with Ribble’s market leading FanFold material, produce the highest standard of packaging efficiently, accurately and cost effectively.

Panotec machinery creates the right size box for your product on demand, eliminating the need for void fill and improving product protection while reducing your corrugated costs at the same time. By using the perfect size boxes, you will also reduce your transportation costs and improve your carbon footprint by maximising the number of items you can send out on each delivery.

By using Panotec machinery you can create the right size box in 5 easy steps:

  1. Input the products size details.
  2. Select the style of box you would like to create.
  3. Once the setup is complete our FanFold packaging enters the machine and the box is cut and creased to your specifications.
  4. When the machine has finished creating your box you can take it away ready for the next box to be produced.
  5. The box can then be assembled and is ready to package your product in a perfect fit box.

Panotec’s Packaging Solutions

Panotec’s range of machinery offers tailored systems to suit your business needs. Panotec solutions are designed to take up a minimal amount of space while maintaining a high-performance specification and long-lasting reliability. Panotec offers some of the most up to date machinery on the market including:


  • Small footprint and compact structure
  • 1.4 MT wide
  • Up to 10 boxes per minute
  • Suitable for small-medium box production
  • Designed especially for online retailers, fulfilment companies, spare parts producers, and more
  • Brand new design and touch screen panel with ergonomic support structure
compack evo BOD


Suitable for both batch and highly varied size production

  • Evolution of the Compack 2.5 packaging machine.
  • Improved technology, new design and smaller footprint.
  • Managed by the new BOXLINK PRO® software.
  • New functionalities; 21” touch-screen panel.


  • Suitable for high size flexibility production and large batch production
  • Up to 14 boxes per minute with batch production
  • Up to 12 inline raw material auto sources
  • Fastest machine: 48mt/min.

Do you want to reduce waste, improve customer experience and reduce your carbon footprint? We have the solution.

  • Save up to 25% on your annual corrugated spend
  • Reduce storage and transport costs
  • Perfect fit boxes every time
  • Consumers are demanding less packaging waste – can you afford not to speak to us?

Get in touch with Ribble today for more information on right size packaging solutions. Contact us online and we will get back to you as soon as possible or discuss the specific requirements of your business with a member of our team directly by calling us on 0161 284 9000.

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