How to reduce the cost of returned items

Is your business struggling with the cost of returned items? Many UK businesses are losing money through customers returning items, because of delivery, postage and being unable to resell the product at its full value.

If you’d like to reduce the cost of returned items in 2017, then Ribble Packaging can help! Our Ribble Restore service is an innovative and unique packaging service that will reduce the cost of returned items to your business.

Ribble Restore

Following the Christmas period, retailers are likely to be inundated with returns due to people sending back unwanted gifts they’ve been given. As the number of people shopping online continues to increase, so does the total number of items that are returned.

Returned items often need repackaging or cannot be sold again at full price, meaning your business is losing money. Ribble Packaging have a ‘Restore’ service that can help to reduce the cost of returned items within your business.

The service restores returned products into retail packaging, so that you can sell the product at its full value and make the biggest profit possible on the product.

Ribble Restore operates under the motto of ‘recover’, ‘repack’ and ‘resell’. Ultimately, we aim to recover returned products, repack them back to commercial standards and then resell them at full value.

Ribble Packaging can work closely with your business to provide a Ribble Restore service that suits your particular needs. We provide a full inspection before re-packing into perfect-fit boxes. This provides a quick turnaround for businesses, allowing them to recapture value from returned items.

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