EPR Tax – A Sustainable Approach to Environmental Responsibility

In an era where environmental concerns have gained paramount importance, governments and businesses are adopting innovative strategies to mitigate the negative impact on our planet. Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) tax is one such measure that has gained significant attention as a sustainable approach towards environmental responsibility.

Extended Producer Responsibility will require producers of packaging to take responsibility for the environmental impact of the packaging they supply, by requiring them to pay for the collection and disposal costs of their packaging when it becomes waste.

In the UK it is estimated that five million tonnes of plastic are used every year, nearly half of which is packaging. (1)

It’s hoped that by encouraging business owners to look at their packaging waste and take the responsibility of having to bear the full net cost of recovery of all plastic packaging they produce, we will see a significant reduction in the environmental impact of plastic packaging.


Improved sustainability & improved brand reputation

EPR presents itself as an opportunity for businesses to reduce their environmental impact. By reviewing their packaging design, producing less waste and using more sustainable materials they encourage smarter and greener packaging solutions to be implemented.

You can’t avoid paying EPR tax, but by embracing and complying with EPR it demonstrates businesses commitment to sustainable and ethical business practices.

Sustainable branding can be a powerful market differentiator for a company. Communicating a strong vision and dedicated green values is an effective message customers appreciate.

EPR tax represents a proactive and sustainable approach to tackling the environmental challenges we face today. By shifting the burden of waste management and disposal onto producers, the EPR tax incentivises responsible product design, recycling, and resource conservation. It presents an opportunity for businesses to embrace sustainable practices, enhance their reputation, and contribute to a greener future.


How can Right Size packaging help?

With the EPR tax costs are expected to soar, it will be crucial for businesses to review their packaging. Right Size solutions will allow businesses to reduce their EPR costs and help the environment by allowing companies to reduce their waste.

How? Right Size solutions combine Ribble’s industry-leading Fanfold material and state of the art technology to create the perfect size box for all products. This ensures every item of packaging fits the product exactly, the need for void fillers and excess packaging is negated meaning costs are reduced.

We have a simple 4-step process for our Right Size solutions.

  1. Enter box style and dimensions.
  2. Select how many are required.
  3. The box is produced within seconds.
  4. Products are packaged in the perfect sized box.

As well as saving on EPR tax, and helping the planet, businesses will save on fuel and transport costs, regain warehouse space, save on labour costs, all resulting in up to 30% savings on packaging costs.



  1. https://commonslibrary.parliament.uk/research-briefings/cbp-8515/

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