Packaging Processes Have Moved On, Have You?

Automation is everywhere these days, from self-driving cars to smart home devices, it seems like we’re all on a mission to make life a little easier. Which asks the question, when was the last time you reviewed your packaging process? And could you benefit from exploring the new automated capabilities they now hold?

Packaging Automation

Automation can be implemented across various stages of the packaging process, from box forming to labelling and palletising. The idea is to only get what you need, starting small with automation modules and expanding as needed, allowing for growth and adaptation to your changing business requirements.

Each Stage at a Glance

Measuring Station: Using sensors to measure dimension and weight.

Box Production: Corrugated or die-cutters will cut, fold and glue your box into the desired shape.

Box Forming: Taking flat card and shaping it into the desired form.

Coupling Box and Product: Utilising pick and place machines, robotic arms, or conveyor belts to handle the product in position.

Box Closing: Sealing the box securely.

Labelling: With sensors and actuators attached as predetermined.

Palletising: Stacking boxes onto pallets in a certain pattern, often with a control system to optimise the stack.

Benefits of Packaging Automation

Firstly, automation leads to substantial labour savings by reducing the need for manual intervention in packaging processes. This not only cuts down on labour costs but also minimises the risk of human error, resulting in higher quality outputs and reduced wastage, saving multiple costs around the business.

Automation will also drive increased productivity by enabling packaging processes to run faster and more consistently. Tasks that once took hours to complete can now be accomplished in a fraction of the time, helping to meet tight deadlines and customer demands with ease.

Is Automation Right for You?

Before you take the automation plunge, it’s worth taking stock of where you stand. Assess factors such as production volume, product variability, and budget. Conducting a thorough analysis of these factors can help determine the potential return on investment (ROI) of purchasing an automation packaging machinery and justify the initial investment costs.

Ribble Packaging are here to help

By leveraging packaging automation, businesses like yours can reap the benefits of packaging automation and achieve significant cost savings, improve productivity, and deliver higher quality products to customers. So why wait? Take the first step towards streamlining your packaging processes today.

If you want to speak about your packaging needs in greater detail, get in contact or call us at Ribble Packaging on 0161 284 9000. With over 80 years of packaging expertise, we help streamline your packaging processes to reduce waste and restore profits.

Transforming Furniture Packaging with Panotec Automation

Furniture manufacturers are constantly seeking ways to boost efficiency and reduce costs, yet surprisingly, the packaging process often gets overlooked.

Countless furniture manufacturers are currently grappling with a range of packaging problems that not only impact their operational efficiency but also have significant financial implications. Perhaps the most pressing concern among these challenges is the need to prevent transit damage. When your furniture arrives at its destinations in less than perfect condition, the costs incurred can be hindering, not just in financial terms, but also in terms of the reputation of your company. As much as 11% of unit loads arriving at a distribution centre have some level of packaging damage.

Adding to this is the reliance on traditional packaging methods that have long been in use within the industry. These conventional approaches, while deeply ingrained, often prove to be surprisingly wasteful. They also may demand a significant level of skill from your employees, presenting yet another challenge. Whilst these are just a few of the common faults from across the industry, it shows how important it can be to ensure your packaging quality remains consistent while packaging a wide array of different furniture, whether it’s antique dining sets, flatpacks, or large beds.

The Need for Innovation

To overcome these challenges, manufacturers often turn their attention to automated packaging solutions.

The industry is vastly adopting automated solutions, and the initial concerns surrounding quality and adaptability have been removed. Leading machinery, such as Panotec automation, now offers innovative solutions that transform the way furniture is packaged.

One of the key advantages of automation is its ability to reduce the need for specialised skills in furniture packaging. The automated processes make it accessible to a wider range of operators, with minimal training. This not only simplifies the process but also addresses the issue of skilled labour shortages, which has been a growing concern in the manufacturing industry with statistics from ONS showing manufacturing vacancies are still higher than pre-pandemic.

Transition to Automation

Manufacturers can start by assessing their current packaging processes and identifying pain points. This initial step provides a clear understanding of where automation can make the most significant impact. Once the areas in need of improvement are identified, manufacturers should research and choose the right automation solution for their specific needs.

Customisation and Flexibility

One of the key advantages of automation in furniture packaging is the ability to customise solutions to meet the unique requirements of each manufacturer. This flexibility means that manufacturers that use automated packaging systems no longer need to rely on one-size-fits-all packaging.

Quality Assurance

Quality assurance is at the heart of any manufacturing process, and automated packaging solutions are designed to excel in quality control while reducing the potential for human error. With Panotec automation, furniture manufacturers can enhance their efficiency and reduce costs while maintaining the quality and reputation of their brand with consistent packaging.

This technology is a new era of furniture packaging, and manufacturers who embrace it will be well positioned for future growth and upcoming trends. If you want to speak about your packaging needs in greater detail, call us at Ribble Packaging on 0161 284 9000. With over 80 years of packaging expertise, we help streamline your packaging processes to reduce waste and restore profits.

Packaging Problems? Introducing Panotec Automation

Packaging is more than just a box around your product. You may be surprised to know it can influence your cost structure, brand identity and sustainable position. Whether you are a small startup or a well-established company, your packaging process can elevate your business if done correctly.

With today’s companies confronted with an array of challenges, from the escalating costs tied to manual labour to the unyielding demand for impeccable packaging consistency, it’s no wonder many are rethinking their packaging process.

A significant number of forward-thinking companies have already made a shift towards automation in their packaging processes, and that is set to continue to rise with the global packaging automation industry expected to reach approximately £7 billion by 2028, more than doubling from its 2021 valuation of £3.1 billion. This raises the all important question, if you’re still operating under the “if it’s not broke, don’t fix it” rule, then you might want to understand the real costs involved in not embracing new technology.

One of the standout features of automation is its alignment with sustainability goals. Automation is at the forefront of modern manufacturing practices, and it contributes significantly to reducing energy consumption, minimising waste, and fostering overall environmental stewardship.

Meet Panotec Automation

Panotec Automation seamlessly combines Panotec’s advanced box making machinery with automation, providing a flexible solution tailored to your packaging requirements. This sustainable approach allows businesses to implement a single module of automation to address specific packaging challenges and scale up to a fully automated solution as their needs evolve.

The benefits of incorporating Panotec Automation into your packaging processes extends beyond efficiency. These green advantages include:

  1. Efficient Resource Usage: By reducing energy consumption and minimising waste.
  2. Reduced Material Waste: By optimising packaging dimensions, conserving your resources.
  3. Improved Product Quality: By ensuring consistent packaging you have fewer damaged products and returns, ultimately saving both money and resources.

While there may be an upfront investment in automation, many companies find that the long-term benefits far outweigh the initial costs. The transformation isn’t just about recouping your initial investment, it’s about securing a sustainable future for your packaging operations.

Join The Movement

Reach out to us today at Ribble Packaging to discover how Panotec’s automation solutions can comprehensively address your packaging challenges, improve efficiency, save energy, reduce waste, and ensure your business’s long term success while contributing to a greener, more sustainable future.

How Right Size Technology can save you thousands on fuel and energy costs

In 2020 1.27 billion tonnes of goods were carried by trucks and HGVs across the UK, covering 16.2 billion road miles.

Due recent socioeconomic and political factors the cost to fuel these HGVs has risen by £173 per week. Diesel has hit a record high of £1.70 per litre, while petrol now costs an average of £1.61 per litre.

With fuel and energy costs soaring; Inflation is at its highest level for over 30 years, with much of these rises passed onto the consumer as firms simply cannot absorb such significant increases (Elizabeth de Jong, Logistics UK).


What’s Happening Now?

Fuel accounts for a third of an HGV’s annual operating cost.”  So ‘The Road Haulage Association’ wants the Government to freeze fuel duty for two years. It also wants an “essential user” rebate for lorry and coach firms of 15p per litre introduced.

Rising fuel prices are putting further pressure on retail supply chains. This adds to cost pressures from labour shortages, commodity price increases and rising energy prices in consequence, until some pressures ease, it’s likely prices will continue to rise.

Meanwhile, analysis shows the annual average cost of running a typical family car, including fuel, has shot up by nearly £300. Many consumers are having to choose between purchasing food, heating their homes or putting petrol in their cars.


How Ribble Right Size Can Help?

Many people overlook the importance of packaging when it comes to shipping goods, but an efficient and effective packaging supply is essential to keeping the product safe and most importantly keeping customers happy.

Ribble Right Size solutions improve vehicle utilisation by 25%. This means companies who have implemented Right Size can fit 25% more product in each vehicle drastically decreasing fuel consumption.

By Right Sizing your packaging supply you will gain the ability to create the perfect size box for all your products on-site, on-demand, eliminating any wasted space in your packages and therefore any wasted space in your transport vehicle.

With Right Size there is no need for additional protective packaging materials such as bubble wrap or Styrofoam peanuts as your boxes will now fit your products perfectly, increasing product protection, decreasing the weight of your packages, and making your packaging process fully sustainable.

There are also many other benefits of using our Right Size solutions. These include up to a 30% reduction in packaging costs, savings on labour costs through increased automation, increased warehouse space and more.

Every cubic inch of your packaging that doesn’t contain your product is costing you money. By introducing Right Size Technology, you can get more boxes in each vehicle, meaning fewer journeys and less money spent on fuel and diesel.


Packaging in 2022 – The key solutions for the New Year

Since the beginning of the pandemic, retail has seen a significant shift to ecommerce shopping methods. With that brings increased need for additional packaging when transporting and shipping goods.

As a result, this will continue to increase the need for more sustainable and environmentally friendly packaging solutions.

We have been exploring the key packaging solutions that we believe will become increasingly popular in the new year.

Packaging Automation

With COVID 19 continuing to be a threat across the globe, the automation of packaging will continue to be important for many manufacturers and distributors. This will reduce the amount of workers needed within one space and overall costs to the business too.

Not only that, automating your process will allow the business to increase their targets, which will continue to improve efficiency.

Ecommerce Packaging

The shift in consumer behaviour since the beginning of the pandemic is highly unlikely to ever return to pre-COVID levels. As a result, consumers will continue to expect a smooth and flawless experience – from browsing their purchase to placing their order and its delivery.

This means every detail, right down to the packaging must impress. Consumers are aware of the environmental issues facing the planet and with that they expect to see changes to the ways in which their goods are packaged and delivered to them. Reducing unnecessary and excess packaging is a crucial step in that process.

Reusable Packaging

Reusable packaging has become very popular in recent years and can be seen in more and more shapes and forms. Whether that is reusable plastic for cleaning products or paper bags that can also be used as wrapping paper.

When packaging isn’t necessarily reusable, it is important for consumers that it is made from recycled materials or can be recycled once used.

Ribble Right Size

At Ribble our Right Size Packaging solutions allows you to reduce excess packaging and create a sustainable alternative that reduces costs by creating custom packaging solutions to meet your needs. We use 100% recycled cardboard that is 100% recyclable, meaning it is the perfect sustainable solution.

The benefits for choosing Right Size can be seen in the reduced need for void fillers within your boxes due to the packaging being custom created for whatever you are distributing; you can improve your vehicle utilisation by up to 25% and the creation of a more environmentally sustainable packaging process.

Get in touch today to discuss how Right Size can improve your business packaging solutions.

Ribble’s £3.5 million investment into their future

Recently we have successfully completed a £3.5 million investment project on time, despite the challenges presented by Covid-19. The project, which included a warehouse extension and the installation of various state-of-the-art machinery, started in February and concluded in early September. The investment will allow us to expand our capacity and continue our growth in the future.

Over the past 5 years we have worked hard to create a position as the European market leader for the manufacture and supply of corrugated Fanfold, in addition to pioneering Right Size packaging solutions in the UK. We started this journey to success 8 years ago when we prototyped the very first Fanfold stacker developed by Universal Corrugated B.V. Using this highly automated and ground-breaking technology, we were able to ride the growing wave of the ‘on demand’ culture. It was our desire to continue as the market leaders in this rapidly developing and evolving market that lead to the decision to make this latest investment.

The investment consisted of 4 projects involving a multitude of contractors from all over Europe, all of whom came together with our own Ribble team to coordinate the installations. The teams worked seamlessly together in an environment made all the more challenging by the requirement to comply with our comprehensive Covid risk management plan.

Project 1 – The ‘Airbond’ System

The system, installed by JKSP Services, was an investment on the drying section of the conventional corrugator. It is designed to dry double walled board at higher running speeds, allowing us to increase the line speed of double wall from 170 metres per minute up to 220 metres per minute.

Project 2 – The Unifold

The largest part of the of the investment was The Unifold, the latest generation and fastest fully automated fanfold stacker in Europe. This machine was manufactured by Universal Corrugated B.V, shipped over from the Netherlands and installed and commissioned within a 2 week period. The upgrade will allow us to increase our running speed by 33% from 150 metres per minute to 200 metres per minute, with the capability for higher speeds in the future.

Project 3 – Dedicated Press Track

The press track, dedicated to The Unifold stacker, incorporates a state-of-the-art palletiser, turntable, pallet pusher and conveyorization. All of which will aid the manufacture and delivery of Fanfold to the various Right Size automated packaging systems available across the market.

Project 4 – Warehouse & Factory Extension

PLP Construction were contracted to build the warehouse extension which has increased our onsite storage capacity by 18,000 square feet. This significant increase will allow us to store on average an extra 1000 pallets and cope with the newly increased running speeds of the fanfold stacker.

Stephen Rector, the Managing Director of Ribble Packaging, praised his employees and the contractors involved stating “The work done on this project has been immense and the result is, in my opinion, fantastic. The Fanfold and Right Size packaging market has grown significantly over the past few years and show no signs of stopping. We therefore needed to evolve with the market to protect our hard-earned market leading position. This investment will ensure we do exactly that whilst also giving us the ability to strengthen our relationships and partnerships with the leading Right Size packaging machine manufacturers such as Panotec, Quadient and CMC.”

6 Months On – An Operational Success!

Since the completion of our investment project in September last year, the packaging industry has experienced an unprecedented increase in demand as a direct result of Covid-19 and Brexit. Despite the challenges which have arisen for the industry as a whole, Ribble have thrived due to the operational success of the new machinery installed and extra warehouse space. Within four weeks of the investment projects being commissioned Ribble had delivered a 25% increase in productivity, allowing them to absorb the demand and maintain their high service levels. Further productivity improvements are expected to be gained from this investment over the coming months.

In addition to their own operational productivity, Ribble’s Right Size packaging has proven to be an effective solution for their customers, particularly for retailers. Right Size has allowed businesses to regain control and streamline their packaging process despite the ongoing short-term packaging shortage. Stephen Rector commented on the positive impact Right Sizing has on the packaging industry “With the events of 2020 and a greater emphasis on the role of ecommerce within the retail industry, we have seen a rise in demand of Right Size technology that can cope with the ever-changing retail landscape.”

Right Size packaging solutions consist of a packaging machine placed on a customer’s site fed by Fanfold corrugated board (a concertina of continuous cardboard sheet) that allows Right Size solutions to automatically cut the right amount of material needed for a perfect size box for each product being packaged.

With a shift towards greener packaging materials and a worldwide cardboard shortage, many companies have struggled to source the packaging materials they need or are forced to seek less sustainable alternatives. Right Size packaging technology removes excess product packaging by placing each product in the perfect size box – this reduces cardboard consumption overall, typically by 25%. Current Right Size customers are also benefitting from purchasing Fanfold corrugated board rather than conventional carboard boxes. By removing conventional box purchasing and switching to Fanfold, companies only purchase the amount of cardboard they require rather than having surplus boxes due to minimum order quantities dictated by suppliers. All of these benefits lead to Right Size customers reducing their amount of cardboard consumption and relieving pressure on the cardboard supply chain.

Sustainability Made Simple With Packaging Automation

With a growing need for companies to accelerate their sustainability and social responsibility, it’s come as no surprise that 2020 has seen more and more businesses continuing to phase out the use of plastic packaging and introduce packaging automation. Just recently, Lego have stated that they are aiming for all packaging to be sustainable by 2025. Neils B Christiansen, CEO at Lego Group says,

 “It’s critical to take urgent action now to care for the planet and future generations.”

Caring for the future is a mission that every business globally needs to adopt, not only because it’s important to value the planet, but you must ensure you don’t lose sight of your consumers values and the fundamental changes they come up against as a result of climate change.

Whilst the global coronavirus pandemic has taken hold, many retailers and other industries have recognised the need for automation across many departments, as would be expected due to the shortfall of workers and the urgent need for hygienic, sanitary processes to be in place.

But how can packaging automation help create a more sustainable process?

In terms of packaging, automating the process not only vastly improves the efficiency of your business by reducing the strain of your workforce and improving the quality of your packaging, right size packaging solutions will also decrease any waste. Not only this, your efficiency levels will be optimised as automated packaging means less reliance on workforce, as machines do not need a ‘break’.

Reducing packaging waste also means that if you do use plastic packaging for your items, this usage is kept to an absolute minimum. At Ribble, we preserve environmental resources by using 100% recycled and recyclable Fanfold for our automated packaging solutions.

Adopting a right size packaging solution to your business, does exactly what it says – you have the right size box to fit the product meaning no excess waste, leading to improved sustainability. It will size, construct, weigh and label each custom order to create the perfect package and eliminate the need for any fill material – saving you money on labour and reducing box volume for delivery.

Businesses who have incorporated our right-size packaging solution have saved 30% in packaging costs!

By having smaller packages for your products, you will also utilise available courier vehicle space better, which will in turn reduce the number of vehicles on the road, reducing your CO2 emissions and collectively making you a more sustainable business.

In celebration of Recycling Week 2020, we’re inviting you to a virtual demonstration of how right size solutions can make your packaging more sustainable. In just 15 minutes, you’ll learn how your business can go green. To register please visit

How Businesses Used Automation to aid their Covid Response

Unsurprisingly, the COVID-19 pandemic has forced many retailers to rethink their entire business model and consider adopting an automated process for packaging. The Coronavirus pandemic will be a defining moment in history for years to come for many reasons, but if you’re an online retailer you’re likely to have witnessed a considerable peak in sales during the lockdown. With more and more consumers left with no outlet for escape, it is no wonder those who had never shopped online before chose to switch to e-commerce. This was of course great news for online retailers who unlike other businesses could thrive in sales, but the reality of many e-fulfilment centres, they struggled to cope with demand.

Those already with a Packaging Automation system in place were in a beneficial position as they could safely limit the number of staff in the warehouse and abide by social distancing during this unprecedented time. On the other hand, those supply chains that have been dragging their feet in automation had to tackle the struggle of not being able to meet the demand in sales and thus face the bad reputation that comes with this. E-commerce supply chains require fast order processing, efficient picking and packing and reliable delivery of thousands of units per day, so when you fail at this, you ultimately fall victim to poor reviews and a damaged brand.

Automation has helped many Online Retailers through COVID as they have been able to reduce the congestion of staff in the packing areas, whilst still increasing the volume of deliveries at the same time. Not only does automated packaging provide a sustainable option and encourages waste reduction, automated packaging provides reassurance for consumers. During a world-wide health crisis, consumers have understandably grown more concerned about where they source their products and having knowledge that their product and its packaging has been handled by as few people as possible is a new selling point for retailers. In a time that sees an increased awareness in hygiene, the value of single-use packaging may be on the rise again…

By focusing on efficiency and delivering to your consumers, we have already seen a steady increase in packaging automation as e-commerce retailers take greater control over the supply chain. Right sized packaging enables a single operative to make any box, at the correct size for any goods, packing single or multiple items.  This means faster packaging, using less materials and smaller packages, so you can get more products per pallet – reducing truckloads, cost and carbon. When you combine this with our corrugated Fanfold material, you can typically generate a 25% reduction in corrugated costs and up to a 100% reduction in void fillers. As logistics centres increase social distancing measures, automation can help increase throughput with reduced staffing levels.


To find out more about our automated packaging options, please get in touch.


5 Packaging Solutions For Your Products In 2019

Packaging products effectively has never been as important as it is today, with stores packed full of a vast range of products from every industry there is more competition than ever to stand out from the rest.

In order to be visible to your customers, as well as offering sustainable and responsible packaging, you need to think very carefully about your packaging solutions and how they are working for you. Your packaging solutions are often the first point of contact potential customers have with your brand and products. Therefore, it is vital to be creative and individual in order for them to choose you over your competitors.

Most customers will look for originality when it comes to packaging solutions and will be drawn to products that are different from the rest. In recent years, customers and brands alike have been focusing more on the materials used in packaging, and the process used to produce them. This is down to calls for packaging solutions to be more environmentally friendly and sustainable.

Customers don’t want to choose products that use excessive and unnecessary packaging solutions. Not only is this bad for the environment, but it is also an extra hassle for disposing of packaging once they get the products home. Businesses should constantly be reviewing and updating their packaging solutions to keep up with trends and stay on top of the game. These are our top five packaging solutions for your products in 2019:

Top Five Packaging Solutions For 2019

  • Mailing Boxes and Postal Sleeves

Online shopping is more popular now than ever, with more and more customers choosing to shop for all types of products on the internet as opposed to in a physical store. This means there is an increase in demand for packaging solutions that can easily be shipped and posted to customers’ homes.

If your business operates online, the chances are you need to ship products directly to customers.

Mailing boxes and postal sleeves are great packaging solutions for this, as they can be designed to safely transport products while also being compact enough to fit through letterboxes. Most postal sleeves and mailing boxes will come with a foam lining to protect products during shipping to minimise damage and avoid costly returns.

  • Corrugated Boxes

Corrugated board can be used to produce cost-efficient packaging solutions for all types of products. With a growing demand for companies to become more environmentally friendly, corrugated boxes are an excellent option for reducing your carbon footprint and minimising plastic use. The corrugated board has the ability to prevent moisture and protect products with additional cushioning. They are available in any size, shape and thickness, making them perfect for packaging solutions.

  • Paper Tape

As the world is focused on reducing the amount of waste plastic around, switching to paper tape from plastic tape can make a big difference to your packaging solutions. Paper tape has excellent bonding properties, meaning you only need to use one single layer to get a secure seal.

Unlike plastic packaging solutions, paper tape is made from sustainable and degradable materials that are also recyclable. Combining paper tape with corrugated boxes will give you fully recyclable packaging solutions, where there is no need to remove the tape before recycling.

  • Automated Packaging Solutions

Automated packaging solutions are a great way to create packaging for all different shapes and sizes depending on your individual requirements. Introducing automated packaging solutions offers an easy and straightforward production line for manufacturing.

Any business that has a warehouse for their stock can benefit from automated packaging solutions, particularly if they are running a 24-hour operation. Nearly any time where a product line can be assembled into a uniform size and shape, then automated packaging solutions make sense.

  • On Demand Packaging Solutions

For really versatile and innovative product packaging solutions in 2019, you should consider on-demand packaging. On-demand packaging solutions can package according to the size and shape of a specific product, so whatever product you place on the machine, it will wrap the item depending on its dimensions and weight.

On-demand packaging solutions are hugely beneficial as they save on time and labour costs, as well as saving space in shipping and transit. For warehouses this is a great packaging option as items can be packed when and where you want, saving on storage space and making logistics much easier.

Having packaging solutions that can work in real time can bring some huge benefits to any company, and on-demand packaging is expected to be the future of packaging.

Seven Benefits of A Packaging Automation Process

One of the biggest causes for concern in business is the rising costs and the best approaches you can take to help combat increasing expenditure and make savings where possible. Fortunately, there are ways to keep your business sustainable and ensure a healthy bottom line, one of these is through automation, particularly in the packaging sector with packaging automation processes.

An important consideration for businesses is how to ensure a packaging process provides a respectable return on investment. So often, the cost of staff leads to non-value-added processes that are wasting both time and money. What companies need to do is find ways to be greener, more sustainable, reduces costs and eliminate wastage. One of the best ways to do this is through automated packaging machinery and automating packaging processes.

What is packaging automation?

Packaging automation uses packaging machinery at various stages of the packaging process such as filling and sealing boxes, wrapping and labelling machines and coding and strapping products. Machinery can be both automatic and semi-automatic, covering a range of tasks but, as the name suggests, semi-automatic packaging machinery will require more labour.

Depending on the return on investment you can receive will play a part on the type of automated packaging machinery that will provide the most benefits and least costs to your business.

Seven benefits of packaging automation

  •  Productivity

Typically, automated packaging machinery will process goods much faster than the manual methods. Depending on the type of automation and the number of products you need to package, a machine will be able to wrap hundreds of items a minute, for example into blister packs. With packaging machinery, you can dramatically increase productivity to save time and ensure a faster production line.

  • Safer working conditions

If the items that you are packaging are bulky, cumbersome and heavy, then there can be a risk for health and safety. If your business employs personnel to package products that are heavy, then you have the chance of injury and costly time off work as well as the cost involved with ensuring rigorous health and safety compliance. Automated packaging takes away this problematic issue and creates a safer working environment.

  • Meticulous quality

With automated packaging, you can be sure that every package is well-protected through a standardised packing process. With automated packaging, each product has a tailored packaging design and shape so that you can be sure of the same level of protection for each item, and there is a routine use of stock.

  • Saving the planet with reduced wastage

One environmental benefit of packaging automation is that a packaging machine will only use a set amount of material and will be economical in its use of material, cutting to size and creating an efficient pattern that maximises protection out of the minimum level of material. This method can also save your business a considerable amount in packaging costs by reducing the amount of waste and streamlining the types of packaging you need to prevent over-ordering of various materials.

  • Specialised packaging

Whatever your product is, you can find an automated solution that is tailored to your item. Whether is vacuum packing, pressure filling, sterilised or inflatable, you can find the right piece of equipment to suit your bespoke needs. If you package many different products, then an on-demand solution that tailors each package to suit the shape of the product is ideal.

  • Lower costs

Labour intensive processes can be expensive but also fluctuating, making it hard to calculate the budget required for your packaging sector and the cost of packaging per product. Fortunately, automated packaging solutions are standardised, typically with a fixed price for the machinery as a set amount of packaging per product that can be calculated easily. By reducing the labour requirements, you can find a use for staff in value-adding areas elsewhere in the business.

  • Efficiency

Automated packaging can serve as a double benefit, covering the role that is too repetitive and straining for staff to undertake happily and also take on the tasks that are too difficult for a human to do. Whether it’s a large item, monotonous smaller jobs that are the same day in, day out or a job for multiple people, then automation may be the best way to combat these problems and have an efficient process. Rather than struggling with employing staff or worker retention, you have a reliable packaging machine that can take on the work and isn’t afraid of a repetitive task.

If you would like to speak to one of the Ribble team about our environmental standards or find out how packaging automation could help your business, get in touch.

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