Fero (formerly Showcard Print)

Fero (formerly Showcard Print) are specialists in the supply of printed point of sale and point of purchase material. For over 40-years they have produced high quality print materials to the retail sector, including some of the best-known brands on the high street. With a heritage in the wide format sector Fero offer digital, screen and Litho printing on an extensive range of materials to meet any display need. Fero’s 3D engineered, semi-permanent display units and promotional products create positive customer experiences for retailers, and product interaction for brands, that drive sales.

Due to the variety of product shapes and sizes Fero produce, packaging was often ordered in small quantities and required on a just in time basis. This led to high costs, obsolete packaging materials being ordered and a high amount of administration to manage the process.

By choosing Ribble and a Panotec Nextmode 2.5, Fero have gained more control of their packaging process and the ability to make the right size boxes on demand. Fero have seen benefits including:

  • Creation of a more environmentally sustainable packaging process.
  • Reduction in corrugated spend
  • Improved flexibility
  • Elimination of supplier MOQ’s
  • Reduction in administrative resources

If your business demands a high quantity of SKU’s on demand like Fero, then consider Ribble Right Size solutions. Right size solutions give you on-demand and on-site packaging capabilities, allowing your business to save money and save the planet.

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