BG Sports

BG Sports are a licensed sports memorabilia company who have licences with most Formula 1 teams, UFC and Anthony Joshua, with many more on the way. Memorabilia is produced in house along with the manufacture of F1 show cars and driving simulators.

With the business growing, space started to become an issue and given the large variety of shapes and sizes of products, packaging SKU reductions became a necessity. BG Sports researched the right solution for their operational needs and found it with Ribble Right Size.

“Before we bought the machine we would spend around £400,000 on boxes and now we have cut that down to £200,000, that’s just in our first 12 months.”

“The most important thing it has helped us with is making packaging on demand, we can make a one off box for a random size parcel compared to before where we would need to get a quote, order the MOQ and wait for delivery to package specific size products.”

“We chose Ribble after doing some research and they were the best priced on the market. They are a one stop shop with the supply of Fanfold and we get great customer service.”

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