BG Sports

BG Sports are a licensed sports memorabilia company who have licences with most Formula 1 teams, UFC and Anthony Joshua, with many more on the way. Memorabilia is produced in house along with the manufacture of F1 show cars and driving simulators.

With the business growing, space started to become an issue and given the large variety of shapes and sizes of products, packaging SKU reductions became a necessity. BG Sports researched the right solution for their operational needs and found it with Ribble Right Size.

“Before we bought the machine we would spend around £400,000 on boxes and now we have cut that down to £200,000, that’s just in our first 12 months.”

“The most important thing it has helped us with is making packaging on demand, we can make a one off box for a random size parcel compared to before where we would need to get a quote, order the MOQ and wait for delivery to package specific size products.”

“We chose Ribble after doing some research and they were the best priced on the market. They are a one stop shop with the supply of Fanfold and we get great customer service.”

Evergreen Shutters

Herefordshire based Evergreen Shutters are a manufacturer of bespoke shutters for domestic applications. All shutters are manufactured in the UK and painted in house.

As all products are made to measure, packaging each item securely became difficult and a change was needed to eliminate transit damage and customer satisfaction. After many attempts to find the perfect packaging solution for their products they chose Ribble Right Size, a flexible on demand packaging solution that allows each product to be packaged in the perfect size box.

Evergreen Shutters Associate MD, Richard Jenner said:

“The problem that we were experiencing is that shutters are a premium product but as they are made to measure we were struggling to find a packaging solution the matched the premium nature of the product. We came across Ribble who helped us with a creased Fanfold solution to start with before the option of a Right Size solution. They helped us to design the best solution from the right board grades to the inclusion of added buffer zones for increased protection, so really it was the best solution for us.”

“The service and products from Ribble have been exceptional. The beauty of switching to the made to measure solution has meant that we have been able to simplify our number of packaging SKU’s down to just 2 lines of Fanfold, so much similar that what we were doing previously. Really simple and straightforward, its everything we could want from a packaging supplier.”


PIVOT manufacture a bed that turns into an all-in-one home gym in a matter of seconds. The bed provides the perfect solution for people who cannot easily access a Gym due to their location or who want to workout at home but lack the space for a separate home gym. PIVOT’s unique product has proven a hit both in the UK and abroad with North America and Europe seeing increased sales year on year.

Given the size of their product, PIVOT struggled to find a suitable packaging solution for the multiple boxes they required to fulfil each order. With a relatively small number of orders and wide variety of box sizes required for each order, die-cut boxes would not have been a viable solution due to supplier minimum order quantities and available warehouse space.

With Ribble Right Size, PIVOT have been able to create a packaging process that adapts to all of their requirements, allowing each part of their order to be sent out in the perfect size box, on demand. Right Size has allowed PIVOT to optimise their packaging for every part, so that every bed can be sent out tightly and securely, preventing any damage during shipping.

PIVOT CEO, Colin Montgomery said:

“Being a UK company with a strong desire to work with other UK companies, when we found Ribble and the Panotec system it just felt right. We met them, immediately liked the people and felt like they had a true desire to help us. And we needed that help way back then, let’s be clear! The fact that they’re based in the North of England, like we are, is also a help as we know we’re covered by their delivery and support reach.

Ribble are very friendly, professional and helpful. They’ve always been quick to respond to our questions and requests. Their engineering team have been incredibly supportive and we’ve felt well taken care of by the sales/accounts team. They’re our only supplier to have proactively reduced pricing since we started.”

Kudos Shower Products Ltd

Kudos Shower Products Ltd have been manufacturing and designing showering products for over 20 years, bringing together innovative design, functionality and value. Their range includes shower doors and enclosures, over-bath screens, wet-room systems and shower trays, all manufactured in the UK across two sites in Cumbria and Coleraine (Northern Ireland).

Prior to switching their packaging to Ribble, Kudos bought in standard box sizes and used excess protective packaging to fill the empty space in the oversized box. This process meant there was a lot of packaging waste and the need to use unsustainable void fillers, including polystyrene and single use plastics. The original process demanded a large amount of man hours to create and package each product leading to packaging becoming a significant cost for the business.

After looking at the options to improve their process Kudos chose Ribble Right Size allowing them to create the perfect box for every product and streamline their packaging process making it more flexible around their packaging needs.

Since the introduction of Ribble Right Size Kudos have been able to:

• Maximise efficiency within their production line
• Reduce the usage of polystyrene by 65%
• Significantly reduce our dependency on single use plastic
• Further develop and enhance their packaging, resulting in a number of cost efficiencies
• Reduce the number of people required in the packaging line allowing improvements to be made in other areas of the business
• Offer a sturdier, more secure and environmentally sound packaging solution

Given the success of the new packaging line Kudos are also looking at further ways Right Size can help them develop even further. Moving forward, plans are in place to eliminate the use of their plastic wrapper and move to a more sustainable banding approach instead. There are also plans to package more of their product lines using Right Size boxes including shower trays.

Kie Hitchcox Quality & Operations manager at Kudos said “The service and products provided by Ribble have been second to none, ranging from the technical support from their team, no issue has every been too small or too large they are always available when on the few occasions we have needed them. The sales team are very open and honest in terms of the way the pricing and the structure works. I can honestly say the working with Ribble Packaging has been exceptional and they are the right choice for us.”

Roman Showers

Space and cost savings using Right Size solutions? Yes please.

Roman has been designing and manufacturing shower solutions for over 34 years and has achieved its place as a market leader through consistent product quality and creative innovation. With a growing business and product range, Roman were faced with increased costs of pre-formed die-cut card and an increasing requirement for storage space. It was this challenge that lead Roman to seek out a new packaging process which could reduce their overall packaging costs and utilise their storage space more efficiently.

Ribble’s Right Size solutions appealed to Roman due to its ‘on demand’ nature and ability to produce perfectly sized packaging for their products. Right Size solutions, which is a partnership between Panotec technology and Ribble’s corrugated fanfold, has led to a significant reduction in Roman’s manufacturing costs. Witnessing the success of the first machine gave Roman the confidence to purchase a second machine, which continues to aid Roman in the delivery of quality products and service to their growing customer base.

“We purchased our first Panotec machine nearly ten years ago and now I have no hesitation saying it was one of the best decisions we ever made.” John Wright, Operations Director.


Dextra Group plc

Dextra Group PLC. is a UK based lighting manufacturer employing over 500 staff in its Dorset headquarters.  Dextra are the largest privately owned and managed lighting manufacturer in the UK.

Dextra Group, where possible, trade with clients or installers directly.  The Group’s subsidiaries trade in general lighting which covers schools, universities, commercial offices, logistic centres and retail among others.When Dextra moved to manufacturing bespoke products, their packaging process required over 200 different box designs and sizes to be used. With so many different box designs required, a conventional packaging process became difficult to manage and the purchasing process was time consuming. Dextra were aware that a packaging change needed to be made, to streamline the process, whilst maintaining product protection from their packaging.

After seeing how Ribble’s Right size solutions work, and the benefits which can be gained from using on demand packaging, Dextra were confident Ribble had the solution. Right size solutions use Panotec technology coupled with Ribble’s corrugated fanfold to produce the perfect size box for each product. By using Right size solutions Dextra could produce specifically designed packaging on a ‘just in time’ method to suit their factory. As a result of producing perfectly sized boxes, Right size solutions can eliminate void fillers, reduce corrugated costs, improve vehicle utilisation and lower transportation costs.

“Ribble’s service, back up and quality are first class.” – Dextra Group

If you want your business to follow in the footsteps of successful manufacturers such as Dextra Group, then consider Ribble Right size solutions. Right size solutions gives you on-demand and on-site packaging capabilities, allowing your business to save money and save the

Integral Surface Design

Integral Surface Designs is a leading UK manufacturer of vinyl wrapped, pvc edged, acrylic and natural feel doors and components for kitchen, bedroom, bathroom trade customers.

Integral produce all their products on a just in time basis which allows them to quickly adapt to a customer needs without the unnecessary costs of holding large quantities of stock.

As the business grew, it became clear that a conventional packaging process did not suit the just in time nature of the business and a more flexible alternative was needed. After researching the products on offer, Integral were convinced that Ribble and Panotec offered the best solution to their problem.

A Box on Demand machine has allowed Integral to create bespoke cardboard packaging for all their products, on a just in time basis to suit the business’s needs.

One of the most important factors in Integral’s decision was the partnership between Ribble and Panotec. Panotec Machinery and Ribble’s Fanfold board create the perfect packaging solution for any company who would benefit from an automated packaging solution. Ribble work closely with our customers to supply and maintain the best possible packaging solution for your business.

Fero (formerly Showcard Print)

Fero (formerly Showcard Print) are specialists in the supply of printed point of sale and point of purchase material. For over 40-years they have produced high quality print materials to the retail sector, including some of the best-known brands on the high street. With a heritage in the wide format sector Fero offer digital, screen and Litho printing on an extensive range of materials to meet any display need. Fero’s 3D engineered, semi-permanent display units and promotional products create positive customer experiences for retailers, and product interaction for brands, that drive sales.

Due to the variety of product shapes and sizes Fero produce, packaging was often ordered in small quantities and required on a just in time basis. This led to high costs, obsolete packaging materials being ordered and a high amount of administration to manage the process.

By choosing Ribble and a Panotec Nextmode 2.5, Fero have gained more control of their packaging process and the ability to make the right size boxes on demand. Fero have seen benefits including:

  • Creation of a more environmentally sustainable packaging process.
  • Reduction in corrugated spend
  • Improved flexibility
  • Elimination of supplier MOQ’s
  • Reduction in administrative resources

If your business demands a high quantity of SKU’s on demand like Fero, then consider Ribble Right Size solutions. Right size solutions give you on-demand and on-site packaging capabilities, allowing your business to save money and save the planet.

Ribble Can Save The Retail Industry Billions

It’s a bold statement but one that we know is true.

With customers demanding their products to be delivered faster, companies are struggling to keep up with the rapid evolution of how e-commerce now works.

Many companies have spent a large amount of time and money creating advanced logistics processes to support faster product turnaround in an attempt to keep up with demand. Addressing the logistical process is one thing but in many cases the packaging process has suffered as a result.

Countless large retailer systems consist of stocking a limited amount of standard size boxes and hoping that the products they offer will fit, adding void fillers to take up wasted space. These legacy systems produce the unnecessary costs of buying void fill and purchasing larger boxes than needed. These two items alone amount to serious costs, reducing profit margins and taking up valuable storage space.

Excess packaging is creating poor customer experiences

Further to this, excess packaging can be a nightmare for customers. Fillers such as bubble wrap and polystyrene are not accepted in UK recycling bins, thus creating an added headache when attempting to dispose of their waste environmentally. A simple Google search of excess packaging opens a whole world of images and news stories relating to absurd amounts of packaging and disappointed customer reviews.

As all businesses know customers (especially new customers), will make a judgement of your brand based on the full order experience. The products packaging plays a significant role in this process, as it is the first physical representation of your company that they will be able to hold in their hands.

How can you find a way to eliminate void fillers, reduce your corrugated spend, decrease your warehouse storage of box pallets and decrease your transportation costs?

Stephen Rector talks to The Business Reporter about how Ribble can help:

Find out more about Right Size and the benefits it could bring you.

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