7 Specialist Packaging Solution Tips For Manufacturers

Whether your business is business to business or business to consumer, your packaging matters. How you package your products differentiates you from your competitors. While it often comes last on the list of priorities to businesses, your packaging is often the first tangible side of your business that your customers will see and feel. How you package your products can show the level of quality and speaks volumes on how you value protection and the goods that are contained inside. In this post, we share 7 specialist packaging solution tips for manufacturers to help you make the most more of your packaging.

The way you ship items says a lot about your business. Your business might be considered illogical, even stupid if the box isn’t big enough or is incredibly oversized that it is incomprehensible. The packaging you use ultimately reflects your brand and your company’s core values, whether you are eco-conscious or passionate about customer care.

Your value for the environment is one of the ways customers will judge your business. Consumers are becoming more environmentally aware; looking to buy from firms that care about recycling and ensure their products and packaging is sustainable. Customers also look at reducing their use of plastic and waste, so while you may think your products are most important, how you encase and deliver them has an impact too.

Packaging To Cut Costs

On the list of business improvements, packaging often has the lowest priority, but many companies are overlooking one of the largest cost-saving opportunities. By examining and altering your packaging, you can dramatically cut costs.

You can reduce costs through many aspects of packaging. Obviously, the key element is the right packaging will protect the goods inside which will reduce returns, damage and breakages. For mirror manufacturers, for example, the correct packaging with a specialist packaging solution is essential to ensure the mirror is delivered in good condition surviving the wear and tear of travel as well as surviving all manner of environmental conditions it is subjected to. The single most cost-saving solution regarding packaging is to have the right-sized packaging for your product.
By having the right-sized packaging you can cut costs through wasted space, the amount of protective materials and filler you use, the time spent packaging the item and then the cost of logistics.

7 Specialist Packaging Solution Tips

To deliver specialist items in a cost-efficient and customer-pleasing way, how you package your item is crucial.

  1. Use Corrugated Cardboard

Corrugated cardboard has a multitude of benefits which make it an ideal material for packaging. The highly-advanced construction of corrugated cardboard means it is strong and durable that can adapt to a range of weights. It also protects against environmental damage such as moisture. Corrugated cardboard is the perfect for the eco-friendly supplier as it is sustainable and easy to recycle. Corrugated cardboard is also lightweight and cost-friendly.

  1. Use The 5cm Rule

In packaging, the 5cm rule is gospel. Firstly, the protective packaging around the item should mean there is 5cm between the product and the edge of the box which helps to prevent under and over filling of protective filler. The 5cm rule also extends to the tape used to seal the box, which should be 5cm wide. A pressure sensitive plastic tape is recommended as it reduces assembly time and is flexible and secure.

  1. Don’t Ship Air

Where possible minimise the empty space in the box, this could be by adapting your product better to fit in the box or, more realistically, finding the right sized boxes. This will save you money in the cost of packaging materials, reduce unnecessary waste and will cut the cost of logistics.

  1. Label Well

While the delicate nature of what you’re shipping, such as mirrors or glassware, may seem obvious to you, logistics won’t be thinking about your product; they just see another box. So if your product is fragile, make it known. It is important to clearly label the box to give an added layer of protection, however never assume a label will protect the box; you need the right packaging too.

  1. Don’t Cut Corners

Having cheaper or a smaller amount of packaging may save you money in the first instance, but it will cost you far more through returns and refunds. In packaging, you need to get it right the first time to give your customers excellent service and to save you money in the long run.

  1. Use A Variety Of Logistic Suppliers

Different logistics companies will use different pricing structure, so you can actually save money by altering your provider depending on what you are shipping. Some carriers will work by weight, others by size, so judge your product accordingly and see the difference in your profit margin.

  1. Continually Improve

Through improving packaging, you will always be able to find ways to save money. Keep a document of lessons learnt and frequent packaging occurrences so you can regularly review the whole process. By building monitoring into your routine, you will always find new ways to improve packaging, reducing your costs and keeping customers happy.

Save Money And Improve Customer Experience With Specialist Packaging Solution, Ribble Right Size

For the right-sized box every time, Ribble Right Size is the specialist packaging solution for you. Right Size allows you, the manufacturer, to produce the perfect sized box every time, whether it is a one-off or a batch.

Ribble Right Size has a significant return on investment as the on demand boxing service allows you to cut costs through wastage, dead space, protective materials, the box itself and the labour intensive task of filling boxes with padding and other protective materials.

Five Benefits Of Ribble Right Size
  1. Reduce logistics costs
  2. Less waste for you and the customer
  3. Eco-conscious and responsible way to package
  4. Less expense (time and labour) spent packing
  5. Customer appreciation – goods delivered without damage.

You can find out more about Ribble Right Size and the benefits it could bring you, by clicking here.

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