Save on your bottom line – Review your packaging design

The past few years have seen major disruption to many businesses and their supply chains, the uncertainty and logistical issues have cost many businesses thousands in losses.

According to the Office for National Statics, almost one-third (30%) of businesses in manufacturing, wholesale and retail trade reported global supply chain disruption in 2022.

The pandemic and the end of the EU transition period account for some of the impact on the UK’s international trade flows, as well as causing disruption to global supply chains (1).

Additionally, we are likely to feel the impact of the last few years for many more to come as we move into more uncertain times. The cost of everything from fuel, energy, raw materials, labour, and consumer items are rising significantly, resulting unsurprisingly, in businesses needing to make a tough decision; increase their own prices in an attempt to offset the rise in cost or take a hit to their bottom line.


The question many are now asking is whether the choice is unavoidable or whether there are any ways businesses can overcome the price rises.


One way you can save on your bottom line and mitigate cost increases is through your packaging design.

Packaging is often an afterthought in many businesses and is often dismissed with no real impact on savings to be had, but we know that packaging inefficiencies can often lead to several issues that can quickly develop into sizable costs.

If you begin by analysing your current packaging solutions, establishing what materials you use, and how much waste you create, you will be able to truly evaluate the cost of your packaging and where you can save.

The packaging market is very dynamic, with new systems being launched regularly and materials constantly improving. By reforming your packaging, choosing the correct materials, and ensuring it is at the optimum specification, you can achieve significant cost savings on an annual basis.


How can Panotec drive your costs down?

Panotec systems allow companies to reduce their packaging costs by around 30%. They offer tailor-made solutions for different packaging requirements built on specific customer needs based on shape, size, and format.

Some of the ways Panotec systems can improve your business and reduce your costs:

  1. Reduced storage & distribution costs
  2. Less wastage
  3. Distribution of skills
  4. Sustainability
  5. Increased productivity
  6. Flexibility to upscale

One business that has benefitted from Panotec is Kudos Shower Products. Learn how they streamlined their packaging process and saved on their bottom line.

Any company looking to optimise their business and reduce their costs should be looking at streamlining their packaging design and process. By ensuring your packaging is as lean and efficient as possible, you are likely to see significant gains in cost performance – helping to balance out the unavoidable factors currently driving prices up, as well as serve as an opportunity for growth and improved service levels.

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