Seven Reasons To Switch To Right Size Packaging

In many cases, packaging is as important as the product itself.

To customers, packaging says a lot about your business. In fact, from something as humble as packaging, your clients can understand aspects of your brand such as your commitment to protecting goods right through to your environmental credentials and eco-friendly stance. By choosing the right size packaging for your business, you can showcase your brand before a customer has even looked at what’s inside.

What is right size packaging?

It is very rare for a product to fit in conventional boxes for packaging exactly. Instead, businesses will use filler and padding to protect the product and give the product more security so that it fits more snugly in the box. However, by opting for customised options, you can have the right size packaging to ship your products without the need for extra packing materials.

With so many benefits of right size packaging, here are just seven reasons why you should make the switch to right size packaging.

Seven reasons to choose right size packaging

  • Reduce your packaging spend

The cost of packaging can quickly mount up and significantly reduce the potential profits from every sale. Using right size packaging means that you only have to use the amount you need. By reducing the amount of packaging or cardboard you use, you save money on your packaging materials. Your materials stretch further, meaning you can pack more products for the same cost as fewer products with standardised box sizes.

Not only does right size packaging mean you save money on your packaging orders, but you also reduce the administrative time of ordering materials too.

  • Reduce your carbon footprint

For most businesses, it is common to have a business objective or mission statement centred on sustainability and being more environmentally aware. Packaging is one area where you can show your commitment to reducing your carbon footprint and being more sustainable.

For example, your business can commit to only using recycled products for packaging material. At Ribble, all of our cardboard is recycled as well as being fully recyclable.  Furthermore, when you use right size boxes, you reduce the amount of cardboard and filling materials that you need. To help reduce wastage and lessen the impact on the environment.

  • Lower stock

If many different packaging products overrun your facility, then it may be time to switch to right size packaging. With right size packaging methods, such as Right Size, you have just one packaging material that is easy to store. This means your packing area can get rid of copious boxes and storage of a range of filler products that do not use the space efficiently.

The lower stock also helps to improve your on-demand supply chain, meaning you only have the necessary products available for your orders which can help to streamline your business and lower costs.

  • Improved protection

By using the right sized packaging for each product, you can ensure each item is snug and secure in its packaging. This means that throughout the potential turbulent shipping process, your product has the best possible protection.

Using the right packaging reduces the risk of damage to your products which will increase customer satisfaction on its arrival. In turn, this can reduce expensive returns and replacements for faulty products, all helping to improve your bottom line.

  • Better transportation

By having smaller boxes to fit products, you save on expensive empty space and reduce the cost of void fill. What’s more, it makes the process more efficient when transporting products as you can pack more onto a lorry or reduce the cost of shipping thanks to a lower weight and size.

Cutting the size and weight of each package, you can save on costs but also lower your carbon emissions to as you need fewer lorries to transport a greater selection of goods.

  • Increase customer satisfaction

Customers rely on packaging to protect their goods and make sure that they remain fully functioning after shipping. Firstly, by making sure your product arrives damage-free is the minimum expectation from a customer. Many consumers have a focus on the environment and will seek out brands who are committed to eco-friendly causes. By reducing the amount of packaging, you show consumers that you do not needlessly waste resources and damage the planet unnecessarily.

Furthermore, customers hate having to split and break down packaging to recycle and throw it away. Increased packaging increases their time processes as well as filling up the bin. Using right size packaging, you limit the excess and make the lives of your customers easier.

  • Save time = save money

By using an on-demand product to create your right size packaging for you, you can enjoy a quicker packing process. By producing one perfectly sized box to batch producing, Right Size can create the boxes you need, saving packers time and reducing the number of processes involved too.

By having a box making machine, you reduce the amount of work for packers, allowing them to be utilised in other aspects of the business, as well as reducing the pressure on busy staff.

Let your business reap the rewards of saving time, money and increasing productivity.

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