Three Benefits Of Reverse Logistics

Regardless of the service, returns for any business are a pain and an inconvenience. Unfortunately, in every retail sector returning goods is inevitable; whether it is an unwanted gift, broken product or a garment that doesn’t fit.

It is estimated that returns cost UK retailers £60bn a year, £20bn of which is generated by items bought over the internet. This number continues to rise as online sales increase, making returns inevitable. Customers can’t always accurately judge the product from a picture on a screen, they may confuse the size and shape of the product, or perhaps to colour isn’t quite what they’d envisaged. Retailers need not dismay with the increase of returns, with every problem comes an opportunity.

With reverse logistics, returns no longer have to be a bane of the industry. Actively managing this process will help to reap resales, increase product life cycle and generally improve the bottom line. What many retailers don’t know is that there are many more advantages to a slick reverse logistics set up. Here are the three lesser known benefits that retailers can make use from which can improve not only the business strategy but increase the value to improve the bottom line and showcase your business as a creative and innovative brand that maximises profits, increases sales and retains customers.

Three Lesser Known Benefits Of Reverse Logistics

1. Customer Feedback And Insight

With every product returned, you get the chance to find out why and draw conclusions from every single return.

If a particular product is continually being returned due to a specific fault, you have the opportunity to use the knowledge to improve future versions of the product or to break ties with a particular manufacturer. By managing the customer information from reverse logistics, you will quickly identify trends with products and use this insight to come up with a more durable solution, which won’t result in returns.

Alternatively, a selection of goods may be returned due to poor sizing, especially in the fashion sector. With these returns, retailers may be able to analyse a trend and may be able to adjust their sizing recommendations on their websites. Even if you cannot change the labels, offering a well-tuned sizing guide on your site may reduce the number of returns you receive.

2. Repeat Business

Returns are becoming the norm in the commercial market. In the past, consumers may have felt ashamed or embarrassed about returning an item this attitude has changed. Shoppers are more budget-conscious are returns are vital if they are not happy.

Having a smooth and seamless reverse logistics setup does not only make the job of your employees easier, but it also gives a great customer impression. Businesses who make returns easy are far more likely to receive high praise from customers and win repeat business.

In a world where consumer ease is priority, a seamless and easy reverse logistics programme that best serves the needs of clients is essential in ensuring business and maintaining excellent client relations.

3. Happy Workforce

Returns, when not actioned, take up valuable space in the warehouse. Without a final goal or destination for returned products they become mismanaged clutter, that takes up valuable space and time. Warehouses need to be swift and ever-moving a zone of stationary clutter will have a detrimental effect on warehouse workers. It is an eyesore, and it detracts from the excellent job they do managing stock and ensuring a smooth, swift process.

Make your workforce happier by actively managing the returns; it will give them an extra zone of control and a place where they feel their work is showcased to the best of their ability. By actively managing returns you free up valuable space to receive new stock and to keep the warehouse orderly and manageable. With reverse logistics, there is no longer a dark and dusty corner that feels neglected.

Let Us Help

At Ribble, we know there are so many benefits of a reverse logistics programme. We want your company to profit from returns and see the positives rather than feel a burden. Our Ribble Right Size solution allows you to maximise your profits through returned goods by restoring products into new, pristine packaging that means you can then re-sell products at their full value.

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