How can your business join in with plastic-free July?

July is an important month in the calendar for the environment; it’s plastic-free July. Plastic-free July is a global movement that started in 2011. It helps millions of people be part of the solution to plastic pollution. One of the biggest aspects of this is through cutting down on, or eliminating, single-use plastics.

Getting rid of plastics from your business’ everyday practices can make a huge impact, and it’s easy to do with a few small changes.


How can your business reduce plastic packaging?

One change your business can make is changing the way you procure packaging materials. Many businesses find that amending their procurement policies is a powerful way to reduce single-use plastics. This might include asking suppliers to pack without plastic and requesting reusable/returnable/sustainable packaging such as recycled cardboard boxes or ‘jackets’ to replace plastic wrap on pallets.

If that’s not possible, you might want to look beyond your current suppliers and see if there are others out there offering more sustainable packaging and solutions.

When it comes to doing business, you can make a difference by offering reused packaging to your customers. Many retailers, instead of throwing out cardboard boxes, keep them on hand for customers who forget their bags. Some companies that ship orders use shredded paper to protect products instead of bubble wrap.


How Ribble can help you reduce your plastic usage

Our Right Size packaging is an easy way to reduce the amount of packaging you use, and therefore reduce the amount of waste. Right Size solutions combine Ribble’s industry-leading Fanfold material and state of the art technology to create the perfect size box for all your products.

We have a simple 4-step process for our Right Size solutions:

  1. Enter your box style and dimensions
  2. Select how many you require
  3. The box is produced within seconds
  4. Your products are packaged in the perfect sized box

There are also various benefits of using our Right Size solutions. These include up to a 30% reduction in packaging costs, labour savings, increased warehouse space, elimination of void fillers, and more.


To find out more about how Ribble’s Right Size solutions can help your business reduce or eliminate its plastic packaging usage, contact us today.

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