Grow your business by improving your furniture returns process

You sell a piece of furniture and for one reason or another, it ends up being returned. However, it can’t go back in its original opened & damaged packaging, so what happens now?


We have these discussions with customers on a regular basis regarding their returns process. If for example, a customer returns a piece of rattan furniture to the supplier or manufacturer, the likelihood is that it has been opened and will no longer be able to be sold in its original packaging. So, companies need to source fresh packaging in order to resell.

This means businesses either need to order in new packaging, send it off to have the product repackaged or dispose of the product completely. None of which sounds efficient, both financially or environmentally. If the solution currently being used is to get the items repackaged, this means businesses could be spending an additional 20-30% on their packaging costs!


So, what’s the solution?

Bring your returns packaging process in-house! By bringing your returns packaging process in-house, you can take back full control. Our Panotec machines allows you to scan the barcode of your product and input the exact dimensions needed to create the perfect sized box for your product.


But what does this mean in practical terms?

By using Ribble Right Size packaging, you can:

  • Reduces your annual corrugated spend (by around 20-30%)
  • Eliminate the need to stockpile the wrong sized packaging for your products
  • Make huge savings on labour costs
  • Reduce the requirement for void fillers and other unnecessary plastic packaging while being safe in the knowledge that your returns are packed safely & securely
  • Make better use of your vehicle space by up to 25% – allowing you to fit more in and reduce the number of journeys needing to be made
  • Reduce waste and create a sustainable packaging process


Ribble Right Size is the perfection solution for furniture companies who are fed up with the added expense involved in their returns process. If saving up to 30% on your packaging costs sounds like something you would like to know more about, get in touch today!

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