Flexibility is Key With Right Size Solutions

Having worked at Ribble for two years in the marketing department, about six months ago I had the wonderful opportunity to move into a new role as Business Development Manager. A very exciting change, and I couldn’t wait to take a crack at selling Right Size automated packaging solutions – something I had been marketing for the last two years.

Right Size solutions is a packaging process which allows the customer to create the perfect size box, on demand, in house. One thing I have found when talking to prospective customers, is the versatility and flexibility of the machines is often one of the most attractive aspects of the solution and probably the most underestimated. They are surprised to hear how this machine can offer 40 different styles of box, in any size required, in addition to the option for bespoke designs. Not to mention the fact you can create any box whenever you need it, whether it is 1 box or 1000. Just imagine, an urgent/unexpected order comes through and there’s no need to wait for supplier lead times, no adhering to MOQs – just pop your requirements into the Panotec machine and out comes exactly what you need, when you need it. The power of flexibility cannot be understated. When combined with all the other benefits of Right Sizing, the solution becomes a no brainer in my opinion.

  • Reduces your annual corrugated spend (generally by 20-30%)
  • Eliminates the need to stockpile boxes which are the wrong size for your product
  • Improves vehicle utilization by up to 25%
  • Saves huge labour costs
  • Hugely reduces the requirement for void fillers and other plastic packaging
  • Creates an environmentally sustainable packaging process

It is fair to say that over the past year, every business will have seen huge changes in the way they operate. We have all had to adapt to the everchanging situation whether that is supply chain issues, unexpected peaks and troughs in demand, or labour concerns. Having a packaging solution which has the versatility to adapt in unprecedented conditions has been key for so many of our customers. It has given them the control they need to navigate these tricky times.

At risk of repeating myself, the importance of flexibility should not be understated. I am sure every salesperson has their go to spiel they use to impress clients, and this is quickly becoming mine! It has been incredibly exciting working in my new role, and what a time to be in the corrugated packaging industry. The pandemic has catapulted sustainable, corrugated packaging to the forefront with a huge boost in demand from Ecommerce. Since I have been part of the company, Ribble has made some huge changes to keep up with this demand, including a £6 million investment to our Oldham site throughout 2020/21. Not to mention, further investment projects which are lined up over the coming years – and one biggie in particular to keep your eyes peeled for going forward… Watch this space!

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