How Etailers Save The Planet With Ribble Right Size?

The Ecommerce market increased by 16% between 2015 and 2016 carrying on the year on year growth pattern which has shown no signs of stopping any time soon. This huge increase in customers purchasing online has led to Etailers reviewing their logistics processes in order to handle the increase in traffic.

One of the single, greatest issues that arise with logistics is how to save time, money and space when transporting products from point A to point B. However, many Etailers have also perfected the concept of saving the planet with Right Size solutions.

This incredibly innovative system produces a box for every product so that there is no excess packaging waste. Transportation and logistics are optimised because more space becomes available and of course, the cost is reduced for everyone involved.

This is how efforts to save the planet are improved with the Box on Demand process;

  1. Every box fits the product

Every single item is measured before packaging, and a box is automatically produced to fit that particular product. This means that there is no lost space inside the box. The product is firmly packaged with little or no room for movement which will dramatically reduce breakages. Reduction in damages reduces the quantity of products that need to be replaced, which in return reduces the unnecessary additional emissions from the vehicles used to transport the items. Reduced emissions take us one step closer to keeping our planet inhabitable. The safer packaging also means there are fewer returns thus preventing the quadrupling of emissions for any given transaction.

  1. Reduced lost space means greater transport volume

By reducing the lost space in a cardboard box, more boxes can be transported in a single journey. Effectively this means that the emissions produced can be reduced dramatically for each individual item, not only by reducing the unnecessary repeat trips but also by reducing the number of original journeys substantially, which means our planet will enjoy some relief. Truck emissions, aircraft emissions and even heavy traffic emissions are all reduced thanks to compact packaging and space-saving solutions.

  1. Less to recycle

Although good cardboard products are biodegradable, and repeat use of cardboard is encouraged some of it will always end up in a landfill. When you start to add up how many excess square centimetres of a box containing lost space will end up in landfill especially when considering the millions of annual deliveries made by Etailers, the rescue effort of our planet becomes incredible. Tightly packaged products with fewer cardboard centimetres will literally save tonnes of cardboard from the landfill.

  1. Reuse of the packaging

The Box On Demand package is made in such a way that it’s easy to open and if it may need to be returned, the very same packaging can be reused. If every single return is made with the same packaging the item was delivered in, then the cardboard saving is immense, not only regarding landfill space saved but all the way back to the emissions produced when manufacturing the original box.


  1. The cost saving

A large amount of companies are using inappropriate box sizes for their item’s being shipped, this cost is carried over to the end user. What this means for the consumer is that they are more likely to purchase products from an online retailer that is saving them money while also saving the planet. The cost of delivery is a huge influence in online buying decisions, and the cost reduction will have a domino effect when influencing those decisions.

  1. On-site packaging

Because Etailers are using box on demand machines on site in their warehouses, no emissions are being produced to order and have boxes manufactured and delivered to their sites. The manufacturing quite literally takes place as the product is packaged. There are fewer processes involved in the production as the box on demand is a turnkey solution for every single size of product. Since cardboard is already an eco-friendly product, the impact on the welfare of the planet is remarkably low.

If you want your business to follow in the footsteps of these successful retailers and save the planet one box at a time while at the same time saving on your packaging costs, then consider Box on Demand. Box on Demand gives you on-demand and on-site packaging with a box-making machine allowing your business to save money and save the planet.

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