Custom Cardboard Packaging: The Top 5 Benefits

Every business and every product is unique in its own way, and your product packaging should reflect that.

Many e-commerce companies use standard packaging solutions for their entire range of products, which can be wasteful both in terms of cost and materials. When it comes to packaging, there is no one size fits all approach, and the rise of custom cardboard packaging has opened up a huge range of opportunities for e-commerce businesses across the globe.

Custom cardboard packaging has become an integral part of modern branding, shipping and customer engagement. There are many benefits to switching your e-commerce business to custom cardboard packaging, and today, we’re sharing our top five.

Brand Reinforcement

When a customer receives a package from your business, they should instantly know who it is from and what it is they’re about to open. It should build excitement that their new product has arrived, and custom cardboard packaging can achieve exactly that. 

When you choose to go custom with your packaging, you can make sure that every box contains your logo, colours or imagery in pride of place. This reinforces your brand before your customer has even opened the box and seen your product. As your branding becomes more familiar and well known, your customers will only need to catch a glimpse of your branding image or colours to be reminded of you and your products.

A Unique Shopping Experience

It is the little things that really make a big impact when it comes to packaging, and when you choose to ship your products in custom cardboard packaging, it can change the way your customers perceive you for the better. Custom boxes will create a more engaging shopping and shipping experience, and when a customer receives a product in a custom box, it shows an increased level of care. 

The overall experience for the customer is more positive and will leave them feeling as though they are having a unique shopping experience throughout the entire process.

Environmentally Friendly

With a rising focus on the impact that businesses have on the environment, it is important that e-commerce companies are doing everything they can to reduce their footprint. By choosing custom cardboard packaging, you are choosing to invest in materials that are recyclable and biodegradable. 

As well as the materials themselves, custom boxes also help to reduce wastage by being uniquely designed to fit your products perfectly. This means there is no need to stuff larger boxes with other packing materials for smaller products, and a reduction in the amount of plastic or other materials needed to ship your products. Your products will also take up less space in transit when they are effectively packed, which in turn reduces the number of vans required for transport. 

Save Money

Many people have the misconception that custom cardboard packaging is going to be more expensive than using generic boxes, but this often isn’t the case. Custom cardboard packaging can actually save e-commerce businesses money in a variety of different ways. When you choose to use on-demand packaging, you will eliminate the need to bulk buy various sizes of boxes and guestimate the amount you will need.

 Instead, boxes can be produced as and when you need them. Cardboard is an extremely lightweight choice when it comes to shipping materials, which can also save money on transit costs. Custom boxes can also save you money by being designed to perfectly fit your unique products without wasted space. More of these packaged products will be able to fit in vans and shipping containers, making it cheaper to ship more products at once.

Fully Customisable

When you chose custom cardboard packaging, you are choosing something that is fully customisable and can be created to suit your exact products and brand perfectly. This often means your packaging can double up as an effective marketing tool and be used to drive future sales and encourage new customers. Your custom cardboard packaging can be made to stand out from competitors and be eye-catching and visually pleasing, as well as being practical for your products.

Cardboard is an excellent material choice for custom packaging as it is highly flexible and can be cut into any size or shape using glue, tape, staples, or whatever works for your products. The customisable options for cardboard packaging are endless, and a product packaging company will be able to design boxes that suit and support your business effortlessly.

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