Custom Box Making For Product Manufacturers Explained

When companies are tasked with getting their products directly from their production lines into the hands of their customers, it can be a struggle to find a way of not only effectively transporting the product but also presenting it in a memorable and outstanding style. Using custom boxes as a product manufacturer can deliver the branded impact that your customers will appreciate, remember and sometimes even share online.

Giving your products the right packaging and branding is vital in today’s modern world, where the majority of goods are bought online and delivered without the customer ever having stepped foot inside a store. Custom box making gives product manufacturers a unique edge and the chance to stand out from competitors.

What Are Custom Boxes?

Whatever your business is selling, the chances are your products needs packaging, either for shipping to online customers or for selling in stores. Traditionally boxes and packaging had to be purchased as standard sizes and shapes and used for all your products. This often resulted in small or awkwardly shaped products being packaged in large boxes with a lot of filler.

Custom boxes give you the ability to make product packaging in any shape and size, making it possible to create a box that perfectly fits your product.

Custom Boxes On Demand

For businesses looking to create beautiful and sustainable custom packaging, then an on-demand custom box-making machine could be the perfect option. These give you the ability to create custom boxes for every order which will not only cut down on costs but also give you the ability to create several custom packages to fit any product.

On-demand box-making machines can make just one box or batch produce hundreds, making them ideal for both one-off orders and large shipments. If your business produces various products of different shapes and sizes, then an on-demand box making solution can help to provide custom packaging to fit any product.

The process is simple and straightforward, a custom box making machine can be placed on the production floor or in a factory and is fed by a continuous concertina of folded cardboard. Your products can benefit from added protection as every box is a perfect size, reducing damage and issues during transportation and shipping. Transport costs can be significantly reduced by increasing vehicle utilisation and eliminating void space in your product’s packaging, resulting in more room on delivery vans for more stock.

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A Greener Solution

Custom box making is more sustainable than traditional methods in many ways, and often reduces a company’s overall costs. By creating custom sized boxes that perfectly fit your products, you will be dramatically reducing the amount of waste packaging your company creates. Not only will you reduce the amount of cardboard used to create the box itself, but also reduce the amount of filler needed to pack the boxes, which will help to cut down on the amount of plastic ending up in landfills.

It is possible to create custom boxes and on-demand packaging using 100% recyclable packaging.

By creating custom boxes that waste less space, you will be increasing your company’s transport utilisation. This means there are fewer vehicles on the road and an improved carbon footprint for your brand, as well as reduced transportation and fuel costs with fewer vans to run. Custom boxes not only save space on vans but also within factories and offices, eliminating the need for storing various sized boxes. By clearing up box clutter in your workspace, you can better utilise the space to store other materials or products.

Happy Customers

Today it is more important than ever to make sure your customers are satisfied and happy with your service and products, and that includes the packaging it arrives in. No one wants to receive a large box filled with plastic peanuts for a small product; customers want their products to arrive in a reasonably sized package. Reducing the amount of packaging cluttering your customer’s homes and bins will give them faith in your business and its dedication to the environment.

Every company wants their brand to give off the right messages and choosing a sustainable, environmentally friendly packaging solution can do exactly that. Custom box making for product manufacturers is an easy and simple process, especially with on-demand box making machines available to businesses of all sizes.

The process of creating the perfect sized boxes for your product range is hassle-free and convenient, and there is no need to be a packaging design expert to get started with custom box making. Whether you are an online retailer or large corporation with many shopfronts, custom box making can help to minimise costs, low your carbon footprint and build brand awareness effortlessly.

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