Cardboard elevated from its humble beginnings

Cardboard packaging is fast becoming one of the most ever-present materials we dispose of daily. Often discarded with no further thought, cardboard is dismissed as a necessary solution to transport a product from A to B.

We are here to showcase how the humble piece of cardboard can be elevated, demonstrating its creative potential.

Many people don’t realise but cardboard emerged as an art medium in the early 1900s during the cubist movement where it was famously used in Pablo Picasso’s Still Life with Guitar.

Now, we are not saying our cardboard creations are up there with arguably one of the most famous artists in history, but we think we might be close. Take a look at our latest cardboard creation for Star Wars Day, May the 4th.

Here are more of our favourite cardboard creations, created by other artists using this unexpected medium.

Josh Gluckstein

Josh Gluckstein cardboard creations

Warren King

Warren King cardboard creations

Greg Olijnyk

Greg Olijnyk cardboard creations

Monami Ohno

Monami Ohno cardboard creations

One of the more exciting results of using cardboard as a form of art is that you are repurposing materials that otherwise may have gone to waste.

It’s clear that the use of corrugated cardboard has continued to increase in the modern art world. The material itself is resilient and incredibly versatile, and it is widely accessible to almost everyone, meaning budding artists can often find it free of charge or at a very reasonable price point.

There is no end to the variety of artistic creations, the beauty of using such an unexpected material allows for creative freedom.

What would you create?

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