5 ways packaging automation can improve your business

Every company is looking for ways to improve and optimise their business, one simple way is through packaging automation.

On-demand packaging systems are available to support a variety of stages of the packing process. For example, there are machines that custom-make boxes to any size as you need it, so there is no need to keep multiple box sizes in stock, plus, less void fill is needed, damages are minimised, and shipping costs reduced.

  1. Reduced storage costs

A reduction in storage costs might not be the first thing that springs to mind when you think of packaging automation, but if you have acres of space given over to storage of packaging materials then a switch to on-demand packaging could free up space, improve efficiency and make a significant difference to your bottom line.


  1. Less wastage

Whether it’s waste through using poor quality or too much packaging, or waste through damaged goods, the fact is waste costs. Automated packaging systems and machinery can help to address all of these issues and more. Not only will it produce packaging to a consistent and more secure standard, it does it with just the right amount of material, too.


  1. Better health and safety

Manual handling is a significant factor in workplace injury. It is worth bearing in mind that automated packaging solutions can help to reduce risk. However, if you do decide to invest in packaging machinery, or perhaps you already have some in use, it is important to ensure it is well-maintained.


  1. Upskilling your people

As automation becomes more prevalent in manufacturing and packaging facilities, so does the need to upskill team members to operate systems themselves. Automation can provide an opportunity for specialised training. An automated system therefore benefits twofold – it can increase speed of production and helps improve staff wellbeing and career progression.


  1. Sustainability

Using automated packing process will mean exactly the right amount of packaging is used every time. This will massively reduce the amount of waste you’re creating and drive down your material costs, as you won’t be using material unnecessarily. Another benefit of this is that your impact on the environment will be minimised too!


How Ribble’s Right-Size packaging can help

Whether you are a manufacturer of one product or a retailer of many, using the Right Size packaging allows you to create a more sustainable packaging process while reducing your packaging costs.
Right Size solutions combine Ribble’s industry leading Fanfold material and state of the art technology to create the perfect size box for all your products.

Contact us today to find out how Ribble can help with your packaging needs.

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