5 Benefits of Manufacturing Packaging Solutions: More Efficient Shipping

5 Benefits of Manufacturing Packaging Solutions: More Efficient Shipping

When you have spent time manufacturing a piece of furniture, there is a good chance that you will want to make sure that it is packaged and shipped securely. The trouble with packaging materials is that they can often be expensive, not to mention difficult to find the perfect size to match your furniture. The packaging industry has struggled to tackle this problem for manufacturers.

We have put together a list of the 5 lesser known efficiency benefits furniture manufacturers can draw on for more efficient shipping of your products:

  • You will use less corrugated cardboard and corrugated packaging
    Any business that ships out items will know that corrugated cardboard adds to the gross margin of products. By using boxes that are closer to the size that you need, usually smaller than a standard box, you will be cutting down the amount of corrugated cardboard that you use. In turn, the amount of money you spend on packaging supplies.
  • You will also use less void fillers and protective packaging
    You minimise the need to fill empty space in a box. The materials that are often used as void fillers are usually unsustainable, which means that they are not having the best impact on the environment. Something becoming increasingly important for end users and businesses alike.
  • You don’t have to worry about ordering boxes
    Finding the process of making sure that you always have boxes, as well as a variety of sizes, a little tiresome? Right Size packaging means you don’t have to worry about ordering boxes, print boxes only as and when you need them.
  • You will have more space
    Boxes, even when they are flat-packed, take up space. Space that you could be using to store your products. A dedicated custom packaging solution means that you don’t have to have boxes stacked up in your warehouse. Instead you can use the space saved to store more of your amazing products instead.
  • The order process will be much quicker and require less people
    When you are able to create a box that is the perfect size for your needs, you should find that the process is much quicker. Not only this, but you may find that you need less people to get the item packed and ready to be shipped. Saving you money in the long run and allowing you to redistribute these employees to other parts of your business.

This is where manufacturing packaging solutions can help. Custom packaging solutions just like those that are available at Ribble. Right Size offers on demand, perfect fit packaging. Just what furniture manufacturers need when packaging products.

Find out about the manufacturing packaging solutions we provide: Ribble Automate

Ribble Right Size allows you to create boxes to your products dimensions, all thanks to a specialised on demand box making machine. 1 box, or a batch of 1000 boxes. Ribble Automate will help you reduce your shipping costs and packaging material costs.

Want to know more about manufacturing packaging solutions and how it can help your business?

Find out more about Right Size packaging solution. Or get in touch with one of experts to discuss your manufacturing packaging needs where we can answer any Automate questions you might have.

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